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The landlord does not allow arbitrary price increases in the contract period o
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Rental housing construction Regulations issued by the Ministry High prices slow down a lot of people make the step to buy a house, have chosen to rent, with the fire of the housing rental market. Will follow, starting with landlords to raise rents, or is the landlord renovated the house to make a house a few more outside groups rent the room. According to report, these cases from February 1 next year began to be improved, according to the Ministry of Housing and Urban issued the "Measures for the Administration of goods rental" (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules"), these cases have made clear limits, and from February 1 next year began implementation. Birth control may be the third time "Approach" provides rental period, because of the gift, analysis of production, sale or transfer of housing, inheritance, the original lease contract remain in force. Rental during the death of the lessee, and its people can live together before his death in accordance with the lease contract to lease the housing. At the same time clear, rental contract period, the lessor may not arbitrarily raise the rent unilaterally. Interpretation: full house home marketing manager of Nanjing Li Ning told reporters that as long as the two sides signed a rental contract, lease, rental prices will perform according to contract. So this seems to be no practical significance, the re-proposed, industry analysis may indicate the third round of next spring, there may be regulatory. "This year April 17, the State introduced 'in the history of the most severe' real estate control policies 'new national ten', the real estate transactions all at once into the valley bottom. However, at the same time, the rental market is picking up steam, many buy rooms were turned over to rent, resulting in sharp rise in rents. "Ning said that this year's two rounds of regulation, whether the mortgage or the purchase of the New Deal Order, were to some extent limited the buyers needs, indirectly increased rental demand , the introduction of "measures" to further regulate the rental market should be taken into account the two previous control on the impact of the rental market, so there may be follow-up action. May increase the cost of renting "Measures" under Article VIII, rental housing should be based on the original design for the smallest room rental flats, rental construction area per capita less than the local people's governments shall not be minimum standards. Interpretation: At present, Nanjing in regulating the rental market has been in use in the November 1, 2004 implementation of the "Nanjing rental management approach", which does not require a minimum floor area per rental. Therefore, this provides for the rental market in Nanjing will have some impact. An industry analysis, said the move can indeed suppress the part of the group renting the landlord, but tenants who may have to pay higher rental costs, "This clearly limits the rental division, which means that there will be a large number of low-cost rental housing is the policy out, it also indicates that, after the standard uniform rent increases, rent natural and expensive. Almost no record of Nanjing rental "Measures" re-emphasized the rental registration system, that is when the lease rental and change behavior, it should be to house special municipality, city and county construction (real estate) department in charge of registration. Any violation of the deadline and do not change, the individual will be punished by a fine of 1,000 yuan, 1,000 yuan or more units are punishable by a fine of 10,000 yuan. Interpretation: the lack of effective regulatory system, Nanjing rental registration system has not been effectively implemented. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed a dozen of the landlord, there is not even had one for the record. Full house home Nanjing Li Ning Company marketing manager, told reporters, "you generally only responsible for leasing transactions led to the house will not help the landlord to apply for regulatory or record." The reporter learned that, once the filing procedures to the Real Estate Board, as required to get their 5% of rent as a rental property tax, in addition to the police station to sign a "security responsibility", so that most landlords are reluctant to take the initiative to record.
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