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Kuiwen District 561 rental housing for needy families access to housing subsidi
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December 5th, reporters learned that this year, Kuiwen District Bureau of Housing and Urban region 444 low-income housing for needy families to implement a low-cost housing, rental subsidies, subsidies to the amount of 292,000 yuan; of 117 low-income the implementation of housing for needy families purchase affordable housing subsidies, subsidies to the amount of 7.02 million yuan. It is understood that Kuiwen District Bureau of Housing and Urban staff regularly to the area street, neighborhood information and come face to face focused answers to real housing security policies communicated to low-income housing to be difficult to enjoy the protection of the family. At the same time, by posting announcements, media campaigns and other means to publicize the housing security policies. In addition, applications for housing for low-income families in home security investigation and verification, carefully review the relevant property file, its population, income, housing situation is to conduct a comprehensive examination, meet the requirements for public notice, approval of eligible low by income families, a dynamic management, and in a timely manner a new lease agreement signed low-cost housing, renewing, and other related work. And adopt a "comprehensive survey" of the work has on the region of 44 neighborhood committees, 43 large enterprises conducted a comprehensive survey involving 12 million households, 12,000 corporate employees, household surveys were distributed applications Table 13 million copies of an open letter posted more than 1,000 copies, through careful examination of the 4,971 eligible low-income housing for needy families and 98 family enterprise workers apply for approval according to the procedure. Eventually, through the application, review, publicity identified subsidies places.
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