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PK married buy a house rent of marriage expert opinion: Just for their own
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China International Wedding Expo announced a "marriage of China Industrial Development Report" shows that 47% of the couples married in the cost of 20% to 60% from their parents support. But for those parents unable to pay or unwilling to use the parent The new home for their savings, their income is temporarily unable to afford to buy a house, renting a choice of marriage. Although many young people have been burnt in the marriage room so much noise, but still reluctant to rent to get married. Young people do not like to rent a house when the new house, that the wedding must be "new" life in marriage a top priority on this, House must not be careless. Second, have a home of their own, the temptation for young people with great power, it is not only a symbol of personal wealth, it is a sign of a successful career. Third, the long term, buy a house Marriage can also be seen as a long-term investment.
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