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Sad group of renters
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October 26, lives in Beijing Jin Ying Songnan mill area has been a home to see their rented house in front of close to a notice of her black eyes, above the black characters that read, "Housing lessor × × , And upon inspection, you (the unit) house rental housing without changing the structure, is a group rental, there is law and order (fire) hazard, according to Beijing "on strengthening the management of rental housing safety notice" requirement, you are ordered (single Bit) on November 1, 2010 demolition is completed, restitution. "Inscription is the police station. "I know there will be that day, did not expect to come so soon." Zeng Ying said. Also Oct. 19, the location of the elevator corridor area to put up a notice that read, Chaoyang District, joint law enforcement authorities will base rent regulation, Jinsong areas are key improvement areas, looking with the majority of residents , In reporting groups to rent. The next day 20, next to the original notice, also posted a more detailed description of remediation notices, the words "under the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Beijing Municipal Planning Commission, Beijing Municipal Housing and Construction Committee, the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, Beijing Municipal Industry and Commerce Administration, the Beijing Administration of Work Safety, Beijing Municipal Civil Defense Bureau and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Administrative and Law Enforcement eight departments issued circulars on safety management of rental housing regulations, Special requirements of rental housing owner, the real estate agencies to actively cooperate with relevant departments to carry out remediation illegal rental housing, clean up the illegal group rental remediation work. " Zeng Ying lived in a two-bedroom between the living room partition. The two-bedroom split into five rooms, a living room into two, separate dining room, separated from them, he just squeezed in the small space of three separate rooms, so the whole A public space in addition to the toilet room, kitchen, to only a narrow "L" shaped corridor. Each room is not large. Ying room had about 6 square meters, the house has a bed, a desk, a wardrobe and a simple cloth air-conditioning. This is because air conditioning, this room should be 750 per month per month Million, while next door the same one-off only 600 intervals. Fortunately, a large living room window of this household, even cut off, the also have a window to see the scenery outside. Out of which unlike the dining room off households, in a completely Confined space, poor ventilation, little light, even during the day also need to turn on the lights. Almost all of the group of renters is a look: simple, small, very cheap. Ying lived in this house was the East Third Ring Road in the bustling shopping district, ten minutes walk from the subway, multi-bus directly to Wangfujing Street, the CBD is very convenient to 750 yuan on housing rent a two-year college graduates who did not come Ying that is A great temptation. So even with the inconvenience of one kind or another, also be tolerable. The biggest problem of course, is noisy. Wooden partition separated with no sound insulation between the functions. "At night in the room can hear the roommates in the toilet brush. Lying in bed, could hear next door to stand up." As many people, taking a bath The toilet has become a problem. However, these little things and the homeless than it is not really what it is. "We signed a formal rental contract and agency, and due to expire in March next year to move out when not it?" Has been asked Ying . "To notice there is no self-demolition completed, police stations, street and neighborhood demolitions will take to the tripartite approach to demolition. Rectification for the refusal, give to the owner and principal tenant, the general is an intermediary company to To punishment. "Management of Social Security Office Jinsong area street as chief Wang answered. It is understood that a penalty clause in the regulations, agencies and brokers in more than rental agency activities in violation of the provisions, and ordered to make corrections, at 3 million more than 10 million fine. Real estate brokers are not Anguidingbao messenger Interest rates, ordered to make corrections, and at more than 1 million 3 million fine. For the tenant, although not related to the punishment, but to move out is the inevitable choice. Who already pay rent, do not chase the chase back is a problem. "This work has been done a long time, has been conducting preliminary investigation, launched in mid-September." Such as Wang, the "base rent members of the clutter, mobility, there is a very large order, fire hazard. To the present So far it has been several cases of groups renting the fire. "To the end of the year, the group will be renting one of Chaoyang District, Crackdown. This time, the relevant departments very seriously. Early last year, eight departments of Beijing provides lessor change the housing structure or use of the illegal nature of the housing separated into a number of external rental room, it should be removed partition, recovery Restitution. This year, the provision to upgrade the local laws and regulations, which provides complete sets of rental housing, the per capita floor area of not less than 10 square meters, or the per capita floor area of not less than 7.5 square meters; rental cottage , The per capita floor area of not less than 4 square meters. This year in May, with the area in Chaoyang district group Baiziwan remediation activities began renting. According to reports, the local police station into the base rent, the street in the neighborhood and cooperation with, according to dismantle the illegal partition wall, beginning the Rectification base rent in the area forced the prelude. Now the battle spread to Jinsong. Outsider, renting a small group of small, random, live in a group of unknown people, often noisy, affected the normal life of residents around the order and the safety of life and property, is a cancer that should be and must be eradicated. But the only living one of the people know, this small, crowded, noisy house, a group of people drifting away from home to shelter, where, based on the meager salary can afford to support themselves, since food The power of place do not have money to the home is in a foreign land keep each other company was also encouraged each other where drive alone is a hard work back home end of the day was greeted with a smile where a witness who had just walked The community do not understand anything of children and teenagers slowly grew up. There are many people, how many stories there are, how many segments emotions. November 1, Ying and roommates who will face the situation of homelessness. Their prices are expensive in house prices in Beijing, sacrificing little in the environment to Beijing, where they have shelter homes it?
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