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Building city wait-and-see mood was increased hire a room to supply predicting S
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Rent exponential office according to Shanghai building newest issuance statistical data shows, in August 2008, shanghai building rents an index to be 1240 a little bit, annulus rises than July at 13 o'clock, rise 1. 0 % , among them, although Shanghai hire continues to maintain whole to rise, fair chummage gold also has small to rise after general merchandise house and carry out, but because downtown high end is secondhand,the room clinchs a deal many months continuously low fan, more and more landlord choose " resale is hire " , the condition that adds apparently is supplied to fall in rental room source, high-end apartment hire gives now to drop first.

  High end two rooms drop hire 0. 3 %

In the meantime, according to search search station of Shanghai watching a network hires room index data to show, with will compare July, hire of Shanghai high-grade residence is overall August and character is relatively stable, annulus comparing is small still go up 0. 2 % . In the control area that high-grade residence rises: ? of flying danger of  of free time ┒ . Jing Ansi of 6 % ; goes up for 1. 5 % ; is old the door goes up on the west for 1. 2 % , go up even kind. Drop the area before house has, new Hua Lu drops 0. 7 % ; presses down Ning Lu to drop for 0. 6 % ; hits Pu Qiao to drop for 0. 6 % , area of other reference point keeps balance. Will look with room classification, high-grade 3 rooms door hire annulus is compared small go up 0. 3 % , but high-grade two rooms door hire appeared however since this year drop first.

Search search visits manager of house property of net Shanghai station senior personage analysis thinks, because of secondhand house prices is dismal, landlord is frequent " resale is hire " , among them, many and high-grade two rooms door of source of the room that rent enter town, plant to this door model hire produces impact, in August, reference point area is high-grade two rooms door hire fails to continue rise impetus, annulus comparing drops 0. 3 % .

  Predicting Shanghai chummage will drop

Appear with high-grade chummage gold go up drop differentiation photograph is compared, shanghai average boarding house is close two months go up opposite bigger, performance of the market that rent is better. Shanghai building rents exponential office statistic to show, in August, annulus of hire of Shanghai average boarding house is compared rise 0. 9 % , among them two rooms door hire annulus is compared rise 0. 8 % , 3 rooms door hire annulus is compared rise 1. 0 % . In controlling area, only hire of bay of Jing Anhe Lu has small callback, the others area all is shown rise situation. Hire of Yang Pu area goes up banner, rise extent is 2. Performance of division of Tuo of general of 0 % ; is good, rise extent is achieved 1. Lasting peace of 7 % ; and Min travel area rise respectively 1. 6 % and 1. 4 % .

Be worth what carry is, carry out hind is fair August room, the performance of the whole that rent that basically is husband room is better, hire annulus is compared rise 0. 7 % , among them annulus of room door hire is compared rise 0. 7 % , two rooms door hire annulus is compared rise 0. 4 % . In controlling area, 11 areas give downtown twice to drop now only, the others all rises. Go up before leaning have: Defeat Huan of wisdom   to owe  ? . Area of mouth of rainbow of 0 % ; and Xu Hui area go up it is respectively 1. 3 % , 1. 2 % . Additional, many mature reference point board piece performance is outstanding: Fine silk Huo sinceres " Jian Qiang danger? . Cool city of 4 % ; and music this world board piece rise respectively 1. 3 % and 1. Glow of celestial being of hill of day of 6 % ; board piece go up for 1. 7 % .
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