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Who sets next love decoy to let our suffering a crushing defeat?
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2003, daughter Dan Dan knew Lin Hao civilian, my home condition is very good at that time, everybody says he goes after Dan Dan have ulterior motives. After Dandan is pregnant, we just know Lin Hao civilian is married man. We give 1000 yuan of 5 10 thousand sides him the marriage that broke him. Since after marrying Dan Dan, lin Hao civilian regards us as a ready source of money, changing pattern wants money to us.

Later, the unit of Lin Hao civilian to take care of Dan Dan, gave her an appearance, let her open non-staple food store. There just was improvement hind in non-staple food inn, money begins to be lost indescribably.

Last year on December 18, lin Hao civilian blames me to did not wash the dress to his son, hit me, native place was run back to later. When appearing again, he drove a door out of I and his son, still added non-staple food store the lock. The mom that lets an alien land fall is followed closely defend in inn.

He cheated non-staple food inn

This year April, two people are troubled by had a divorce, lin Hao civilian says the divorce is OK, but what condition gets those who listen to him, otherwise he puts the son in the country, emerge of itself and perish of itself. He writes divorce agreement, we have signing share only: Young daughter's son is taken by us, he every month pays 800 yuan of allowance.

Before original divorce, lin Hao civilian says to Dan Dan, you should agree to divorce only, I give you non-staple food store. We think anyhow Dan Dan will is henceforth have an income, agreed then. We are honest people, think to talk with respect to this count, did not ask Lin Hao civilian writes this one into the agreement. Cannot think of, after the divorce, fall out of Lin Hao civilian not acknowledge a debt, holding a store all the time, let his mom manage. And Dan Dan is the disabled, do not have source of income at all, raise a child even, how to pass. (the reporter notices, about Dan Dan the view that is the disabled, zhou Wenjun did not allude in a bit in be being told about last time. After the reporter puts forward, zhou Wenjun takes out testimony of a deformity immediately, there is eyesight deformity above. Zhou Wenjun says Dan Dan an eye is complete blindness, another eye amblyopia, wear 1600 degrees of glasses. ) because Dan Dan is the disabled,be, the unit of Lin Hao civilian just gave us store of this non-staple food. And now by him grab.

Do not agree to be the responsibility of person father

This year in August, grandson fell ill, have a fever, ignore tall ignore low. Hospital most begin to be not diagnosed going out is what disease, issued even sick into death advice note. During grandchildren be in hospital, the mom of Lin Hao civilian, father, elder sister is in Wuhan, will be visited without the person. Once, his father came secretly, say with me: Your daughter does son's wife in my home is really too subdued. His father still tells me, last year in the winter, lin Hao civilian hit me after running back to countryside, he and his mom begin to discuss how to seize non-staple food inn. And the medical treatment cost of young daughter's son, a minute of money also does not go Lin Hao civilian.
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