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Share I and husband Sydney to hire room old practice
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The building that leases satisfaction in Sydney is not easy. The intermediary that rent a house is regularly on the net paste building material, lie between a few days to be updated, still deserve to have a picture besides simple character, the person that wants to rent a house can look probably. Australia bank interest is rising nowadays, the person that buys a house is little, the person that hires a room is much, sometimes I just saw have favorite, call to asked in the past, already somebody is hired first fell.

Still do not have few points rapidly advocate the house is written down, follow intermediary Saturday one goes looking. Australia moves to shift to an earlier date commonly two weeks of announcements, bilateral obligate time makes the preparation that move and seeks bridal chamber customer, treat the building that lease so, some still is living person. Seeing a room should queue up to enter room, bustling, breathe out greatly small cry, where is that feeling to lease a building, resembling is to grabbing a house.

I do not have settle on, not be to do not have sunshine to do not have independence to wash clothes namely. Until one day, same place is entered on the net 5 office building lets, it is two rooms one hall, independence washs clothes, combining my idea. The place that goes to work from me does not go, the environment is good, in be troubled by, take static. Two upstair, 3 are in first floor, I upstairs applied for.

Australia leases a building quite normal, every intermediary wants you to provide all sorts of data: Sheet of Zhang of income proof, bank, show dwelling place location card of proof, driver's license, medical treatment, best the person that you are known or the anteroom that are you the recommendation east. If data is not complete, the record that the building perhaps leases before you is very poor, with respect to the application that can affect you.

Zhou Yi, I receive a telephone call, the house that saying is my application lease, remnant of a first floor, it is the room that him landlord runs, if I have fun at, make landlord direct be contacted with me. The following day, I am headed for as agreed upon, landlord already waited in the doorway. He is an Australia man of more than 40 years old, bearing is polite, look like the intellectual. At the same time another foreigner also sees a room. I receive house scrutiny, the sense is good, introduced my case simply to landlord, he is very interested, the data that says to ask intermediary wanted me says again.

After I come back, think of suddenly, the kitchen did not take lampblack chance, the door and window do not have gauze, full tree and grass grow all around, it is first floor, insect will be very much, want to jump over uneasiness more. I send a short message to landlord, ask he can be installed smoke lampblack machine and screen window, he answered a short message, before saying me, nobody has raised similar question, he says to want to lease the building to a very satisfactory to the house person, otherwise I live also won't glad, he won't have any changes to the house, this house may not suit me. I look urgent, call again in the past, saying is to ask nevertheless, not be to say not to want. He says to return somebody to see a room now, reply to me again in the evening. I think the likelihood is excuse, did not make fun of basically, who knows he sent a short message to me afternoon, call me to view postal matter. Open computer to get online, say in landlord mail, can lease the building to me, return attach to hire room contract.
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