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She is in honest aspirations to expect the home that has a warmth silently
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Preface: Life ablution a lot of worldly hubbub, but also exposed life at the same time a lot of. Because the world has feeling and become more beautiful, at the same time also because have feeling,this world becomes more complex. What new ground reachs first is small quick it is such feeling, she dreams besides what going after her at the same time, also pondering over oneself life affection important matter. Regard a sciential as graduate, she knows a lot of things are not informal, also cannot importune at the same time, although just the life renting a house of 2 many months really very drab, so that she is in,expect the home that has a warmth silently. But all these is small quick do not hope to be changed quickly, especially affection respect cannot be accepted casually more, she feels this needs time, need thinks, need test, need to await more...

Live even if such, in do not have the past in breath soundlessly. Small quick no matter how say,be a; of this year's undergraduate that comes to Shenzhen from provincial Hunan, shenzhen this young city always is so provoking, a lot of people hope to begin new life here, put flying people on one's own side to give birth to new dream.

Like Shenzhen actually, this is to have stated reason. A crucial nevertheless factor is, shenzhen is the place of an incidental miracle, small quick abrupt enlarge voice spoke out, seeming is the aspirations that spoke herself to come for years. The undergraduate always has his dream, special say natively to an university that just graduates, her heart looks forward to to was full of more!

Believe to be in Shenzhen this city, resemble small quick the student that cherish a dream so and comes should not be minority. Small quick when just coming to here, she has; of this kind of feeling she feels pressure, no matter be on the job, still go up in the life, small quick treat seriously in hour, she should be accomplished best, use up oneself greatest effort, although she is a girl, one just came to the little girl of new ground.

Small quick those who learn is administrative major, the person grows well, like to be engaged in civil service kind the job. Although be a different ground person, be in nevertheless before coming, small quick special go up from the net in detail ripe cicada Shenzhen. Shenzhen has minute of inside Shanghaiguan and outside Shanghaiguan, inside Shanghaiguan can say is Shenzhen the core part of this city, it is the central nervous that economy grows. The environment is the main external cause that oneself develops, want to develop, must choose above all appropriate and the environment that is helpful for oneself, small quick itself is to learn to manage kind, to the program of oneself career, still have a lot of oneself idea. The hill austral Shenzhen regards Shenzhen as the prosperous ground of science and technology and culture, small quick naturally chose the fountainhead ground that this area regards the hill austral Shenzhen as oneself development, advanced sea accessory sought the job. The job to others, the likelihood is very difficult, but to small quick for, she is undeserved however one and the same. This is not falsehood, really, small quick the dominant position of oneself is very strong. Immanent quality is first-rate, once was the minister of a certain branch in school student union, harmonious, organization and communication ability is very outstanding; again and it is good to have a pair feel kind, melon seeds face, furthermore 1 meter of 68 right-and-left figures and a beautiful hair of bright Li Piaoxiang, it is to admire simply evil spirit other people.
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