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Had never wanted to make landlord can such satisfy a craving. While the person that hires a room presumably is seeing a room, also planning to be able to be mixed in him heart actually he or she lives together, actually the men and women is born to be indifferent to, the although be an university,just graduated schoolgirl that lives with me now, but before I had had a house and 3 schoolboys 3 times to be shared together. They are big 3 students, one is photography lover, the last it is bank employee (the boy friend) that he became me later.

Of course, grows charmingly first consideration, because live in same an eave, always should consider the visual effect that ambulates in the room. With male friend the relation is by at the outset the roommate becomes present sweethearts, because he made the contribution of landlord,remembering this paragraph of the fate brings lovers together is, often cover mouth titter.

Because be job of outer look forward to, the foreigner that contacts so is particularly much also, hit by accident once bump by accident hired an Englishman. Just she moves in that day is Zhou Wu, I and friend went Tongan playing on the weekend, when I come back to step into a house me simply so open-eyed that close not approach mouth. Is this my house? Former deserted sitting room solemned artistic exhibition hall, have multicoloured flower decoration everywhere; A lot of mural that look not to understand were stuck to decorate on shining white wall; The window that does not have a curtain formerly also was hanged imprint the cotton cloth that has cartoon pattern... look suddenly, this Englishman used old underhand method one time to the house it seems that, but actually, she just undertook small ornament on detail. After knowing I come back, picture childlike holding chin in the palm to crouch in that to waiting for me to evaluate, raised thumb till me, the laugh that she just is at ease. After passing this take second place, just discover me very rejoice the lodger that searched to have emotional appeal so, the new move that makes oneself life a lot of more also.

Serve as landlord actually, I think or want included heart. Because present tenant is primary,be a youth, they also can have a habit that they live, so I can respect them, do not intervene as far as possible their life be fond of, and in other charge respect also won't too dispute. Because my disposition is optimistic, became a good friend with every roommate almost, now if we are occupied if wanting to help, want the roommate that has lived together before Call only, they agree readily immediately.

  With male friend " the person that live together " become close friend

Private prosecution person: Xiaozhang

After graduation, I live in kin home, male friend outstanding live in friend home originally, his friend should sell the house later leave Xiamen, he is obliged to seek a room afresh. Like clean outstanding say to want to close with the girl hire, I am very angry after the idea that is informed him, think female coexist of Gu male few one room always is insecure, and he feels we want to be opposite sturdily only each other feeling, the element of the outside cannot affect our feeling. Quarrel 3 times twice for this matter, move soon deadline forces every day into, outstanding the room that also has seen a same sex add up to the person that hire below my pressure, can not be a place bad, it is a house improper. Move the last day of deadline decides to rent the two rooms around elementary school of practise traditional martial arts one hall, had had a female tenant nevertheless.
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