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Basement hires a room to perform medicine of rat of person rat big fight to disa
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No matter you pursue what profession, also without giving thought to the lofty ideal of your bosom what kind, come to Beijing this is metropolitan, want you to buy a house without enough paper money only, you have only rent a house --

Be frightened by mice ill

Come to the first week of Beijing, find a job. Of course income of hard to avoid is low in the begining, hold a friend in the palm to helped me hire a basement then, I am very glad. But take the door, I with respect to nose a kind of peculiar taste -- there is flavour of a mildew to attack head on in the room. Although outside sunshine is beautiful, but inside inky, the lamp does not leave criterion already, one is frightened jump, bestrewed cobweb quadrilateral, I worked desperately 3 days, rectify at long last give an appearance. Move new home smoothly, above all incommensurate is doleful, the booth that must run to the outside everyday calls to parents. Time grows, the day of a person also was used to, just increased the trouble of the solilo-quize.

A person hires the day of the room, buy food, cook, wash clothes to want to rely on oneself. I satisfied the life that calms at this, midday of this the world recumbent the head of a bed endorses, look up, see suddenly there is a mice on conduit, that pair of thief eyes are staring at me, my air also dare not vent, also so staring at it, 4 eye photograph is inspected, wait for mice to leave, I gave a suit cold sweat. Then, street of equestrian before last bought mice drug, begin gingerlily to be scattered to rat according to the specification " grain ration " . Had done not have a few days, this " grain ration " drop off, my heart also was loosened a lot of. But, a of the 2nd week of the medicine that put rat night, be about to sleep, listen to conduit suddenly there transmit sound, abide prestige goes, see mice is opposite only cry, still have a mouse looking on battle. Is it possible that does mice come to my this humble room be a guest? Do sth over and over again overnight, the person that red eye sells rat drug together is academic, the accused knows: "Moment did not arrive! " I am half believing and half doubting the ground " hold out " a few days, mice was not eliminated, I pour be laid up, have a fever 38.9 degrees. I also did not appeal this time to who, made syrup of one boiler ginger to oneself, took the advantage of heat to drink go down, drink I keck, after giving a suit sweat, burn retreated at long last, this, should be mice to frighten disease.

That paragraph of day is very tired out, want busy move to feed medicine to mice, cockroach already, want to had taken care of oneself life and job again. But everything walks over. This, it is the biggest gains that I hire the earning in room day to arrive!

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