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Does lone woman live oneself bought a room to strangle marriage?
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The female buys a house, with male National People's Congress different, much to make oneself freedom, stable, the life that lets oneself is full of emotional appeal. To fashionable sheet daughter, they need not want marriage, do not want a family, but, the nest of neither one warmth, absolutely is no good.

Fashionable female sexual love buys a house

According to traditional idea of China, buying a house is male thing, but nowadays, this one traditional idea produced change sadly however- - the sheet daughter that buys a house is increasing.

This year the client manager that Miss Li of 26 years old is a stockjobber, yearly salary is controlled 60 thousand yuan. College graduate comes a few years, she hires a room to live in Home Tang mound all the time. Although she already purchased air conditioning, freezer, television to wait, whats are short of, but this house is right for her, just can stay in the person's place just, not be " " . This year, she is moved into the house that she buys on Taipei road eventually. She says, "Oneself house is living smooth and steady, at ease do not say, the heart that still is oneself brought the home. " Wuhan constant base Zhao Jian of manager of department of limited company sale introduces buy course of study, opposite at developing littoral area, wuhan is odd female buy a house less, but have the tendency that becomes tide gradually on the whole. This group of sheet daughter that buy a house independently are administrator of the high level in the enterprise more, the age is in about 25 to 35 years old between, intellectual administrative levels outstanding, thought opens taller, individual character, have definite idea. Their economy income rose, add socially of idea of marry at a mature age spread, they long to have the independent space that belongs to their more and more.

Sheet daughter Miss Zhang thinks, oneself buy a house, be equal to feel at self-respect, independent, safety in psychological level, in actual level, be equal at investing gains of intent, economy. "Had oneself house, I feel a few years old I became small, can patience picks male friend slowly. " still have talk of only female move, buy a room to be able to bring safe sense to oneself.

It is OK to do not have love, do not have a house to be no good

Li Hua native place is in day door, the university graduates a few years, hire a room to live all the time. The life that often moves, make her very tired out. Li Xiaohua imagines constantly: Mi of  vinegar  is made an appointment with already sip of Xian ㄉ ? a sweet tea, look to be like the fragrant grass of mattress downstairs, see the supple willow side the river, should be what kind of satisfied! Settle down to give oneself, last year, she eventually scrape up one share cash, preparation mortgages a house.

Boudoir persuades Li Hua closely, why on earth do oneself buy a house? When marrying a person in the future, the boy friend can have a house, you mortgage a house now, the pressure that still shifts every months is very great. Her understanding laughs say, where is the house that why wants a man? Oneself have a house, be independence is indicative. Without the boy friend, without marriage, the person also can live come down. But without the house, him feeling resembles bleaching the float in the city, friendless. And, although married, also need not see the look of husband, mother-in-law everywhere, quarrelled, the house that can return oneself pacifies wounded heart. Although marital strike a reef, two people divorced, also have a place.
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