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I am moved into my new living quarter eventually, also be the one's own little world that belongs to myself, nevertheless this one's own little world has kind of impulse that lets me cry. Sum up a word: The basement of upstair. Whole room has a door only. When I remember the first day waking up, I see a mobile phone just at 12 o'clock, I still think is firm in the evening plan continues to sleep, abrupt response comes, lean, on the mobile phone 12 o'clock should be midday! Run to door window to look! Lean! As expected! I am in admire oneself to sleep result while, also feel extremely " gratified " , lean, not sincere think I still experienced the life of little black room in jail, I also calculate not be born toward this!

Ah, original summer vacation does not come home is me irritated the 8 barren of old Mom 6 close for me alone honour talkative god result, the age that did not think of landlord is smaller than my Mom ten years old, ah, this kongfu still is unexpectedly over old Mom, the sentence that attends with popular novel says, relying on you is 10 thousand lis do not have the talent of one really! Pass at most ten years can sky of fierce broken empty flies litre of Cheng Xianla! I hope he flies immediately however litre, but she slants to wish as me, reckon now is a state of half celestial being.

Most probably this half celestial being also wants to repair Cheng Zhengguo at an early date, practice hard skill in wushu so, do not have a thing to run the nag in my house, what water, report, house! The chrysalis in my ear child estimation base the Great Wall returns bad remnant in part! Take a nap sometimes namely again forgot to insert the door, the weather is poor see this can be summer, this half celestial being but without giving thought to this one, open the door to be entered, and say into the door, heart of whole process remain calm does not beat, await me in those days can with visual the ground, see the ground go up to be done not have again had seamed let my getting go in. After a note, do not forget boast boast her house, listen to her so say, I still think entered elfland villa, let me produce the feeling of a kind of have a sense of inferiority. Let me can'ted help having an idea, here is not I should live, one Jie Fan's person does not think my trifling so that not to think celestial being more, actually this fastens occupy day of government office hole, be in such going down is not disappoint half celestial being his old great expectations, I left a decision, this month was over I shine, cannot see his a respectful form of address for an old person flies otherwise litre, I flew first! These 7 violated me to want to be an upright person self-effacing principle! Fault! Fault!

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