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Come up against 3 beautiful bold female lodger so
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Tell about a person: Foliaceous gentleman is rental experience: 1

In of my only rental experience, 3 that when encounter beautiful female lodger, make me impressive to now. The thing that was 2002 then. That year, I just have some of stockpile on at hand, do not know how to should invest. Later, below the friend's commendation, bought fine promote the urban district flourishing a sector of an area 3 rooms of two hall secondhand room. The house is bought, but I work in Hangzhou, live impossibly fine promote, then I thought of naturally to rent.

I register room source information to the net that rent a house before long, immediately 3 girls make a telephone call to me, express to want bear hire this to cover a house.

Because I take a person to see a room in Hangzhou inconvenience, place the key in fine over there a friend that start. I let these 3 girls from me the key was taken over there the friend, oneself see a room on the spot. Result, they are right the each respect circumstance of the house is quite satisfactory, call to me directly, asked my bank Zhang date, sent the chummage of a quarter. such, the range that links my this landlord was not seeing, these 3 " bold " the girl was moved.

Leased the building so smoothly go out, I feel to have a place " bizarre " . Although landlord had not been made before me, but anyhow also calculates had leased a building, must not see every time see landlord, argy-bargy. Can be these 3 girls, pay readily moved, did not carry the inquire for face, sentence that signs a contract and so on from A to Z. The heart puts me of a misgive, manage to find time before long go fine a sudden flash of inspiration rent a settle or live in a strange place 3 times this.

This Jia Xingzhi goes, let me very be at ease. Ah, because they grow 3 times very beautifully,be not just of course, however they also clean my house very neatly at the same time, have the taste that house home gets along very much. After meeting, I also am to eat at long last issued a sth capable of comforting sb, installed a person's mind to should rise " become warped foot " landlord.

Be as long as a year in this " landlord career " in, I went only fine promote twice. Besides above go this seeing rent a settle or live in a strange place besides, additionally one, hire one year namely after expiring, when the house will sell namely, I run to asked these 3 girls to eat a meal designedly.

I thank them quite actually, every quarter, they collect rent into my bank account on time; At ordinary times the affection of a few bagatelle of the house, they themselves also were solved, do not bother me to run to run as far as possible. Because of so happy experience, up-to-date, we still are maintaining connection all the time!

Hire room move character: Had come up against rent a settle or live in a strange place admittedly lucky, but the most important is both sides should be honest, each other are trustful.
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