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Shanghai ah why do we rent even the house do not rise?
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Knowing is which surname king, return seniority old the egg mixing a ball of 8 child, had said a famous remark " cannot let everybody buy a house " for echo him, gave another logion again " the means that renting a house also is another kind of life, buying a house is not an only way "

Today, accompany a friend to seek a room, ability discovery, be in Shanghai, these two logion, do not hold water.

I am told triflingly first, I discover the process of this problem. See here need patience, also can have jumped not to look, read conclusion directly.

I have 2 to hire in the friend all round my home. I drip a gang of scoundries people, take a fancy to me there is the subway near the home, close from me, do not have a thing to be able to come loiter eats and drink.

The first friend is a person seeks one room, oneself assume chummage, should seek petty gain naturally, do not mind close hire, but must cell. Looked for intermediary of a lot of house property, not be to say to do not have 1000 the following cell, the private savings that uses cuspidor namely 6, 700 can hire below, or namely group hire, low-cost, the toilet is however inside house, but 2 rooms two hall, just can break up piece 8, 9 rooms, a toilet, do not have what different with comfort station, or does not hire a man student namely, this landlord is a man, still must look for a female lodger, feel quite interesting as male friend likewise.

Searched finally 850 yuan of a month alone one room, of Shanghai characteristic vintage public house, 10 much smoother one room, living in the past landlord family, outside the house use toilet alone (hear before is public, the government gives later transformed a toilet, remain the corridor outside the house nevertheless in, also be the passage with two family public home nevertheless, not be very jumbly) , public kitchen, inside besides vintage window type air conditioning what home appliance is done not have, tattered bed and broken cabinet. Landlord old lady is very genial say, without shower, nevertheless you yourself can be installed, not much also money. The friend thinks, man is heroic, summer is washed wash cold water, the bathhouse on in the winter child, as a result elated preparation coming home receives a rubber tube shower, discover actually, the toilet does not have sewer! ! ! ! Although be vintage public house, also cannot unusual arrive, do not know to be how to bathe before landlord really without sewer A ~~~ , how wash the dress, later, be informed through the inquiry, before them tub, pour water into salver namely, wash fall again, washing the dress is the rub that use a hand, need not washing machine.
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