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My Beijing Shanghai Chengdu 3 rental rooms history
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Ran a few this years many places, sum up, each district hires the condition of the room, say to everybody, everybody also can be published.
  One, the circumstance that is in Beijing. Feeling: Random, black.

1. Be in Beijing, normative intermediary company is very few, a lot of companies were to accept a client after hundreds of yuan of cost seeing a room, provide accurate room source information far from, the person that rent a house so wants beware of these small intermediary that do not have credit.

2. Through " building bank " or cry " the building acts as agent " search a house, the need after signing the contract that rent a house pays chummage of a month of intermediary company to regard intermediary as cost. Want to notice nevertheless, have some of undesirable medium. Before undertaking, must check on the net, the circumstance of this company and comment.

3. The house must be covered to had had more detailed knowledge to this when signing the contract that rent a house, and must ask examine the proof of lawful house property of landlord.

4. If take the subway to be able to reach the place that you work, the house is being rented in subway along the line is again good do not pass. The subway moves faster, the time that compares ground car has assure, from most the malic garden that carries on the west arrives east of end found a state business of trade of the door, nation is encircled all the way expedite, need car Cheng of the left and right sides 40 minutes only. The subway that like 5 princess grave, pines, Yu Quan the road takes of a line on the west line area, room source is much, low-cost, living facilities is very all ready also, make another heat choice that rents a house gradually. At present shortly of Beijing Olympic Games, the chummage of northern part goes up quickly. Some basement also did not let hire.

5. Best disaccord representative signs an agreement, with the representative autograph agreement hands in the suddenly turn hostile on money wheeler, fair least of all detain pays 3, fall to shift to an earlier date even first quarter next a month is handed in, mean give as security 2 months. The individual's force is too puny, how to fight with them

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