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Secondhand the room sells impose individual income tax: After all awkward who
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Current, already a few cities try to ask for secondhand the room trades individual income tax, but construction ministry expresses 2 days about chief, to secondhand the room trades in the practice of collection individual income tax is specific place only at present is pilot, still do not have promotion schedule inside countrywide limits.   

This controller expresses clearly when accepting media to interview, to secondhand the room trades in the problem of collection individual income tax, at present the country does not have a consideration, hangzhou is to had been executed, executed half an year to did not arrive to cancel.   
To the reason that cancel, this controller did not become further explanation. But the expert expresses, carrying price of taxation adjustment house is a kind of trend, a few places are in secondhand the room trades in imposing individual income tax also is the practice that drew lessons from abroad, but the problem was encountered in be being operated actually.   

Area of Beijing rising sun will publish a regulation on June 1, secondhand the ability after the room has pay taxes only deals with formalities of change the name of owner in a register. But be less than a month, section of sunny land tax cancelled a way that pays a duty and couple of change the name of owner in a register however. Why is new regulation executed be stopped not for long?   

On June 3, bureau of Nanjing city cess Wu collects duty Wu substation to announce suddenly, henceforth, nanjing individual sells a room to will impose the individual income tax of 20% . Because before policy comes on stage, this does not have any omen, and passed " 61 " be restricted greatly, the personage of inside and outside of course of study that lets think policy of price of each Nanjing stable house is basic and Anacreontic formerly is astonied.   

Since yesterday, the individual buys Shanghai canton common housing resents one year inside region of resale, subtract by sale price the 5% tax rate of the balance after purchasing cost price impose business tax when the sale, by should the computation of business tax the amount of tax to be paid of pay collects the city building duty of 7% , education of 3% cost adds and the wadi punish of 1% is expended.   

Not full public house    of two years

Mr Wang has floor area of an area aing shady retreat on a green hill public house is about to sell 80 square metre, market price is 7000 yuan / square metre, namely the building clinchs a deal valence is 560 thousand yuan. Property right card allots date to be on July 8, 2003. The house of Mr Wang is average house (namely: Ratio of volume of building of ① residence village is contained in 1.0() above; ② sheet covers floor area to be contained in 140() square metre is the following; ③ clinchs a deal actually valence under trade on average with the housing on level land the price 1.2 times the following. ) and belong to an individual to buy housing to be not worth 2 years pass on trades, so Mr Wang trades pay of this house need is the following charge:   
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