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Qualification of applicable room application maintains economy 4 respects explai
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From town house tubal bureau learns, via municipal government approval, since now, always  2003 year downtown the city zone tears open  1 month  1 after day of change in low income family can apply for to buy directional sale economy applicable housing.   

According to town house tubal bureau chief introduces, from this year day of  3 month  15 begins to the middle of tearing open change low income family is directional sale economy is applicable since housing, be answered ardently of masses, had had  1023 at present door the family that accords with a condition got proof of the qualification that buy a house. To make more tearing open low income family can pass economy in change applicable housing solves housing problem, implementation lives and work in peace and contentment, according to the state of eye anteroom source, municipal government decides  2003 year downtown the city zone tears open  1 month  1 after day change, year income is in  42000 yuan the following, bungalow tears open change to compensate cost under  10 10 thousand yuan, building under  18 10 thousand yuan family, can apply for to buy economy applicable housing. Accept the job to begin from day of  6 month  13, the applicant can be located to building of the change that be torn open the room canal bureau of the area offers application, the conduction program that already announced and sale policy are changeless.   

At present this city has rolled out  5 piece the economy of 10 thousand square metre of  47.6 is applicable housing project, it is lucky scene living area respectively " Qiu Rui home " with " Kang Xinjia encloseds ground for growing trees " , Hua Yuan living area " day unit of distance " , Li Yuan living area " colour Li Yuan " and Dong Li classify. Average sale price is controlled to  3400/ ㎡ in  2900/ ㎡. The family that acquires qualificatory proof can be bought arbitrarily among them the housing of any projects.   

Application qualification maintains include 4 fields: It is the cognizance of pair of applicant census register above all. It is with account of applicant booklet of registered residence accurate, maintain its census register to be in an area. It is pair of families next year the cognizance of income. Applicant family income is torn open by its change housing incorporates with member of census register family computation. Applicant or domestic member have working unit, year income proves to be issued by place unit; Bring into endowment insurance society to plan as a whole from retiree, by annuities of on one year of bank the receipt that get proves its income, did not bring into endowment insurance society to plan as a whole, by put an unit to issue its from emeritus golden hair year of income proof; Every cannot offer working unit income to prove, method of check and ratify of the income in be in street agency dweller prepping according to to apply for town lowest life to ensure treatment by its opens a proof. The 3rd it is the cognizance that expends about tearing open change compensation to find a place for. The compensation that tear open change finds a place for cost is signed with the unit that tear open change with the applicant " Tianjin town house tears open change compensation to find a place for agreement " to allow. The 4th it is the cognizance that has housing to buying a person to whether be in in him. Namely him applicant or whether does other member have with census register family with its bear the housing  (that hire or buys with " Tianjin city public housing rents a contract " or " building droit card " account is accurate  ) .   
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