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How to let buy a room to sell Fang Yiru to oppose a control
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As a right person that considers the for private use that buy a house, how should go to those who hold oneself buying deed after all? The market that joins professional research and storm of Hong Kong finance is behaved, we think, buy job has a few common sense and basic law, and hold out a canal to use.   
Mensurable the inning    that one weak city is course of study of the buy that use the home

Here has knowledge of sex of a common sense,   
That is whenever, buying oneself satisfactory house in the market always is a difficult issue, and buying low-cost house always is an easy thing. Why so say? Because every cover the characteristic of the house, attribute, character each different, and everybody also is distinctive to the grade of the house and hobby -- should go to school e.g. the child, wife goes to work where etc, accordingly, the room that finds fair value level (be like 3000 yuan / square metre) , the chance is very much, but can satisfy from again at the same time live the house of demand and be fond of, it is so easy to be done not have. The room is bought to be able to gain extra advantage unfairly quite when the price goes low of course, but the likelihood should be bought when the price goes high or should buy. When weak city, the investor, person that fry a room exits the market in great quantities, this is meant not only have more choice opportunities, and the price also tends reason.   

2    interest rate always meets law the    that change

Look from the history, housing mortgages interest rate once very tall, the bank has been accomplished 14% , 15% , even 18% . Then we were to be experienced 9 times lower interest, move from trough upgrade again, at present basic interest rate is 5.51% , will tell quite, low still. So add after breath, how many change can you bring to our daily life? Add ceasing basically is psychology effect effect is big, and practical effect effect is little. It is actually in economic society, add ceasing is a normal, beautiful couplet store add ceasing already was common occurrence. Accordingly, the change to accrual should adjust state of mind more, cannot the static state looks, want trends to look, have also have high low. The key of buy course of study is a consideration liquidity of opportunity cost, fund and pay ability.   

Duty of 3 house property can pass law buying and selling trades compensation   

At present to buying the home, still have responsibility of a psychology, when feeling tax is little namely, did not buy, duty a long time is bought again, did not have a deficit?   

The tax that needs to be involved to house property above all is done divisional, it is cent at present to be on the move duty is mixed hold duty. Be on the move duty basically includes duty of business tax, agree, income tax. Be on the move duty is when property right happening is fluctuant only ability is met pay taxes. Hold duty basically is house property duty and property tax. House property duty is only right rent course of study, property tax has not leave proof. Present taxation adjusts a key is to hit a spec to fry a building, to for private use person for the impact is not big. In addition, even if is to appear on the market be on the move, want to have enough patience only, always can pass find value with all possible means, this bit of duty cost seeks.   
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