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Does new building have quality problem to to who should ask for compensation?
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The new home that just decorated, let water give bubble, because the pipe of kitchen cistern was broken,be, the water that run. Manufacturer came, saying is the too close be caused by that twists because of us, it is cistern of Chinese ink forest. Whether to have   of reason claim for compensation

Expert:   seeks development business directly, ask its are assumed keep long responsibility, recoup the pecuniary loss that produces because of this. Need not pester with manufacturer.   produces character to measure liability issue, according to state law regulation, it is quote responsibility convert, should assume the responsibility that proves its are produced or the product of the sale does not have quality flaw by manufacturing business or distributors namely, if its cannot prove, be about to compensate for the pecuniary loss   that causes to you accordingly. Also can seek pass the time in a leisurely way assist. But be afraid solve materiality issue to be afraid so that pass lawsuit finally.

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