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A few control points need when bridal chamber is checked and accept
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     eventually finishing, dawdler also loosened eventually tone. Review whole construction process, every segment is OK and sluggish, but this last close, host must want to go personally. In check and accept in the center, dawdler can enjoy the pleasure that controls a house to the top of one's bent, and the technology guards a pass, and all problems that after be being entered, appear, still can face easily, because everything can give,more and more mature home holds after service.  

     is conduit of indoor air quality, catchment, electric after waiting for a project to check and accept qualification, owner ability is at ease contract of room of sign after receiving sth.   

     is in check and accept in the center, the besmear that wants pair of metope, floor not only is brushed undertake checking, should take the examination of road of water and electricity seriously more at the same time, engineer of general inspect manage can help owner undertake checking and accept, if oneself are checked and accept, also can consult below " dawdler sluggish action " .  

     mirrors occurrence problem   in time

What      needs to emphasize is, in use process, average owner sees metope is interstitial, become warped on ceramic tile wait for a problem the metropolis is very nervous, consider as very serious quality the problem. But go up in architecture, wall body break is the appearance that can not avoid almost, because different material has different coefficient of expansion, the bibulous rate of different temperature also meets same material differ somewhat, in Beijing difference in temperature of such the four seasons compare big climate in the center, metope occurrence break is very normal phenomenon, need not because of this special panic, but also should mirror in time to adornment company, letting a company be judged after all is normal quality problem. This is a few kinds of common normal phenomena that cause as a result of seasonal temperature, it is OK to encounter these situations oneself make an abecedarian judgement, need not too nervous.  

     standard approach solves dispute  

Once      appears quality problem, also need not too nervous, opposite for normal adornment can have safeguard on company quality, quality also matures quite on dispute processing, basically can solve for owner, and of occurrence dispute, owner still can be complained to consumer society. Remind you so or want to choose regular building materials store, choose normal adornment company, once appear problem, relevant guild and legal section also are met protective.  

    of      dawdler trick
     checks quality to need attentive  

  of      eyes blazing like torches-blazing with anger

     choice greenery wants discreet, because a bit not careful also ask harmful to human body plant into the home.  
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