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The floor that development business gives a bank land card pledge dish can be yo
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Lawyer of exposed to the sun: Construction ministry " urban estate guaranty runs way " in thirtieth made specific provision 7 times " agree via hypothec person, guaranty estate can be made over or rent, earning money paid for something purchased or received for something sold ought to repay ahead of schedule to hypothec person the creditor's rights that assures, the share that exceeds creditor's rights amount puts in guaranty person 's charge all. " because this commodity house is after guaranty,can sell.     
During guaranty, guaranty person makes over what already dealt with the pawn that register, ought to inform hypothec of the person and inform alienee to make over the circumstance that content has mortgaged.   

Nevertheless to buying a house person for, the risk of existence develops business to expire namely cannot when hypothec of reimbursement bank exercise, the building on the ground can be auctioned together.

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