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Does children buy period room to do property right card to you can use parental
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   problem: The period house that I buy with accumulation fund loan, should control a house immediately, at present loan still has a part to did not repay, I think the property right card this room keeps parental name, jural what formalities and regulation are there? can change the name of owner in a register, what to still have the method of managing province formalities? Special acknowledgment.  

The problem is additional: I am maiden, and property right card had be notted deal with. Just borrow money contract and the contract that buy a house is the nominal label with me.  
The expert replies: This kind of your circumstance, the likelihood can be solved through change the name of owner in a register only, and when your loan already paid off ability change the name of owner in a register.  

In addition, given also want conduction transfer ownership. You still have a method to be able to pay off your loan entirely first, discuss with development business again, become invalid that your contract that buy a house, develop business to sign portion contract together with the name of your parents again.

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