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The service trades on net of private property room how does analytic buyer get F
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From April 18 Tianjin city rolls out net of private property building to hand in easy service since new move, get wide attention of the society, a lot of masses send a letter in succession, incoming telegram, call in, the service act that everybody rolls out generally to this expresses to welcome, think of this one policy come on stage, trade to building of normative private property behavior, safeguard buyers and sellers to add up to right beneficial to will have positive stimulative effect. But from a week since of everybody in seeking advice, can see, a lot of masses hand in easy relevant service measure to still do not understand very to net of private property building, the problem that cares generally with respect to everybody for this author visited bureau of town house canal.   
One, does the service trade what to content include on net of private property building?   

Answer: The service trades to include to get online on net of private property building intermediary serves real estate of main rooms of service, net and trade capital generation receives era to pay a service 3 content. Get online among them trade service, it is a government build for building buyers and sellers hand in easy information platform, droit of private property building person (common weighs a bargainor) the random that already can open confidential net hand in easy service through whole town the estate of an area trades the center lands this one " network platform " announce a building freely to sell information, so that search buyer facilitating house,trade. Intermediary of the estate on the net serves, it is to point to buyer or the bargainor is OK in estate orgnaization of broker of estate of the choice on integrated website offers estate for oneself between two parties, representative serves, in order to save oneself time and energy. Trade capital generation receives era to pay a service, it is the core content that trades on net of private property building, it is confidential trades actually capital superintendency platform and system of bank settle accounts " tiring-room butt joint " , come-and-go of capital of buyers and sellers can pass intermediary orgnaization no longer, receive era to pay with generation of means of bank settle accounts however. Came true to trade to the building duty of gold of sell one's own things of money paid for something purchased or received for something sold, land, agree, make over poundage, stamp duty, property right to register the capital such as cost to flow from into at the beginning of to trade the whole journey that formalities ends is dynamic real time is superintended, assured to trade capital enters net of couplet of account, whole town, classification to superintend, safety pays, ensured a building to trade thereby safe, safeguarded buyers and sellers to close right increase.   

2, how does the bargainor release a building to sell information on ability implementation net, how can buyer get room source information?   
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