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Case of what house property can be sued to the court?
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House property dispute makes civil case mostly generally speaking, belong to people court civil case to accept limits, minority belongs to administrative case accept limits. But also some of house property dispute does not belong to people court to accept limits, answer to be accepted by other institution. Accordingly, before to lodge a complaint, answer property of oneself house property dispute to understand somewhat above all, clear up what whether it belongs to people court to accept limits, lest infructuous and roundtrip.  

According to concerning law regulation and judicatory try practice experience, limits respect is accepted in the case, dispute party should notice a few more the following bounds:  

1, every the buying and selling with what house property is mark, rent, hock, building contracts (include reconnaissance, design, construction) and close build, representative, between two parties, use, make over, truly the issue that the civil action such as authority produces, all can to people court to lodge a complaint, and it is court of people of house property seat commonly administer. People court will serve as civil case to accept.  

2, the issue that because the unit is in-house,produces, if unit worker divides a room to decide to see of purpose to the unit, do not belong to a court to accept limits, cannot sue to the court; If be to suffer,match a person (or other a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces of former old house along with all the others change goes live together the relative takes old room) share bridal chamber unjustifiable occupy old house or blame to suffer match a person to allocate with the unit unreasonable for and forcibly occupy public house, by enroach on person (include unit and suffer legally match a person) can to forensic to lodge a complaint.  

3, unit allocation gives worker housing access and conclude contract of room having branch, the worker leaves his post consequently formerly because of oneself, abdication, or be removed sb's name from the rolls by the unit, of discharge, the unit asks to call in according to the contract of public house access, can mention to the court civil suit.  

4, the building issue that poses because of the reason such as administrative allocate and transfer between the unit, do not belong to a court to accept limits, party should apply for to solve to concerned director branch. Because of access of building of transfer of administration of historical primary reason, show person of building property right to ask to call in building for private use or requirement make clear hire, can sue to the court, the court is accepted as civil case commonly.  

5, the house property issue that poses because of building of violate the rules and regulations, because architectural of violate the rules and regulations is maintained, remove the issue that pose, answer to be accepted by the executive authority, processing of executive authority law notting comply or processing are undeserved, party disaffected, can regard administrative case as to lodge a complaint. But the buying and selling of the happening that party is mark with building of violate the rules and regulations, rent, the civil dispute such as guaranty and violate the rules and regulations build cloggy other the ventilated, daylighting neighborhood issue that pose can serve as civil case to be sued to the court.  
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