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Secondhand house business otherwise should look for intermediary
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Secondhand house business has two kinds of kind commonly, it is to pass intermediary company to do business, 2 it is to trade freely. In Wuhan current secondhand the room trades in, amount of these two kinds of kind takes an in part basically each. Trade in these two kinds in means, exist trade safe problem, accordingly, in secondhand the room trades in the process, how to trade accordingly according to actual condition choice means, avoid risk, appear more important. How to carry intermediary company business secondhand the room seeks intermediary company, basically have the following kinds of kind: The introduction of the website of company of the door inn that the newspaper ad of intermediary company, room exhibits company of meeting, intermediary, intermediary, relatives and friends. How to discern intermediary company stand or fall, basically should note the following respects: 1. The business charter that goes seeing it to this intermediary company reachs letter of broker orgnaization intelligence, understand its scope of operations, see it whether have estate broker this business; 2. See the scale of the office environment of this company and company; 3. See this intermediary company whether have his website, because can have the intermediary company of own website, take the figure of the company seriously quite commonly. With intermediary company still need to notice when contact with: 1. Check this broker company to be engaged in the lawful sex of estate broker. Accordingly, when entrusting intermediary company to conduct estate business business, must take a fancy to the business charter of shell company and letter of broker orgnaization intelligence, understand its scope of operations, whether to have estate broker this business; 2. When sign business contract or entrusting an agreement, need to add an attention more, to relevant provision (be like payment, the right of broker company and obligation, responsibility of breach of contract) should consider seriously, the person that had better allow a lawyer or knows real-estate prices does a good turn guard a pass. How to trade through intermediary company the author ever received a reader " complaint " phone: It is to pass the freedom that has on the net to trade before, saw a building twice feel pretty good still, preparation was bought, when farther understanding, what just know owner place to have is only temporarily property right, can trade far from, wasted so much time for nothing. If be the authority that asks quiet house when go looking before the room or seeing a room,belong to a state, won't such. Accordingly, in trade previously buyer most those who require an attention is: 1. See a room. When seeing a room above all, must see this building property card, knowing this house is the room changes a room or use room perhaps has only temporarily property right. If be a room,change a room, still needing to understand owner is the house that cost price or preferential price buy. 2. Still need to know building property the house-owner on card is as same as person selling a house person. If not be, still needing to understand them is what relation, whether to have a power of attorney, notarial deed. Finally, still need to understand clear property cost, heating cost to whether have bequeath problem. 3. Sign a contract. All acceptance need to fall on honest contract, so that generation dispute is occupied from time to tome in the future,can check. 4. Notice payment. Had better be paid that day in change the name of owner in a register. When formalities of conduction change the name of owner in a register, the certificate equipment that simply wants place of buyers and sellers is neat, according to the room the flow of tubal bureau is dealt with can. Be in secondhand on the price issue that the room trades, it is bilateral and OK to trade the basis is secondhand the room coachs valence serves as consult, at the same time recycle market compares a standard, make oneself property and circumjacent property price quite. The first pace, collect trades example. Owner can pass colleague, friend or other way understands him building to trade circumjacently example; The 2nd pace, do business amend. Generally speaking, because owner just wants to know the market value of own building probably, because this simply is right,estate situation undertakes correction can. Estate situation is amended can divide for the area the state is amended (flourishing degree, traffic is convenient the element such as the landscape of degree, environment, state that face a road) , state of rights and interests is amended (land access fixed number of year) amend with objective state (new old rate, door model, face towards. The 3rd pace, beg take than allowing the price. ① building position (if be to be in same village, correction coefficient is 0. The place with if need appraisal house,have better, traffic, shop recreational environment, can choose 1% to the correction percentage of 3% ) ; ② builds the opposite depreciation of time: 1% (in effective rate, year allowance for depreciation is to press 2% computation, but the practical effect of public to already was being bought house does not have building time so big, so annual opposite depreciation suits relatively by 1% computation) ; ③ floor: One is - 2% ; 2 for 0, 3, 4 for 2% , 5 for 1% , top layer is - 2% ; High level: One is - 3% ; 2 for - 2% , three-layer is - 1% , 4, 5 for 0, layer and 6 6 above are 1% , top layer is - 3% ; ④ faces towards (with two windows front is accurate, if the window two over, choose two best to be accurate) : East to for 0% , south to for + 2% , on the west to for - 1% , north to - 2% . ⑤ decorates: Clothbound is repaired and in 3 years of less than for + 3% , of 3 years of above for 0% . ⑥ central heating and burn gas: Have central heating and burn gas for 0% , simple energy of life is - 2% . Such, will tell to owner, sell oneself house, can get a relatively reasonable price. Contrast of two kinds of means passes intermediary company's biggest gain is safety, save worry. Common saying says " difference in profession makes one feel worlds apart " , intermediary corporation is very professional to the conduction of estate broker business, can be leave out of buyers and sellers the trouble of a lot of. More important is, what intermediary company place rises is between two parties assure action, can stand on just footing, be buyers and sellers trade the assurance with the very significant move since safety action, the benefit that assures both sides is not damaged kill. Defect is current intermediary company is numerous, the good and bad are intermingled. If entrust not regular intermediary corporation,make probably entrust just get loss. Do not pass intermediary company, oneself trade the biggest gain is be economical, do not need pay intermediary fee, and oneself are dealt with personally, let a person be at ease. But understand Debuduo to estate as a result of major buyers and sellers, very easy oversight a few detail, the result arises a series of dispute, it is pecuniary loss even. Let oneself be at ease originally, because the result is right of real estate Wu do not understand become instead not was at ease. Defect is the time with need too much drag in, and trade the payment in the process security cannot get effective safeguard. If buyer is to mortgage loan, formalities is relatively multifarious, accordingly, author proposal buyers and sellers, to avoid a lot of troubles and needless risk, him buyers and sellers is reached trade, can entrust a few " be at ease intermediary " conduction authority is belonged to change the name of owner in a register and mortgage loan procedures.

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