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Deal house is in what circumstance subordinate trades at disabling
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Business of the building below      what circumstance is invalid?   

The expert replies: Estate business, it is to point to building droit the person transfers building ownership estate vendee, pay the behavior of corresponding money paid for something purchased or received for something sold for this by vendee. Estate of buying and selling must sign written business contract, must deal with formalities of property right change the name of owner in a register to place of estate buying operation by buyers and sellers. The necessary process that business of building of this since establish concerns and credential, also be the important basis that handles building issue later.  

One, estate depart is betrayed, the contract is invalid. Because the building is to build what go up in land, for the attachment of land, have cannot separative, accordingly, when building droit carries transaction and be being made over, this building has the land access inside limits to also must be made over at the same time.   

2, property right did not register change the name of owner in a register, the contract is invalid. The move of the content droit of the mark of building business contract registers change the name of owner in a register to be a mark to place of city estate buying operation with buyers and sellers, otherwise, building business contract cannot become effective, also cannot produce the legal result that building droit transfers. Although real already pay also belongs to the building,disable.   

3, did not ask for so that share a person to agree with estate of buying and selling, the contract is invalid. The principal part that sells a house must be the droit person of this building. Be not droit person to sell other house, its business conduct is invalid. The person of property right number of the building is mutual must ask for so that share a person to agree with ability to betray. When selling mutual house, need the certificate that submits mutual person to agree. The part shares a person to did not obtain other and mutual person to agree, do sth without authorization betrays the business conduct of mutual building to also disable.   

4, encroach preferential buy right, the contract is invalid. When building everybody sells mutual house, below coequal condition, mutual person has preferential buy right. When building everybody sells lease house, must shift to an earlier date 3 months inform tenant, below coequal condition, tenant has preferential buy right.   

5, the price has fraudulent action, the contract is invalid. City of buying and selling demesne building, both sides ought to be acted on by the principle that considers price character, consult the confidential evaluation standard that government of building seat people sets discusses price case, the ability after place of buying operation of classics city estate agrees clinchs a deal. After business contract become effective, because of,both sides all is not gotten back out of price discretion without reason, should press the money paid for something purchased or received for something sold with agreed contract, deadline and means consign. But if betray a person to there is the con, discovery after hide action or clinching a deal on building quality problem of immanent quality problem, vendee can ask to betray a person to discuss price case afresh together, do not talk things over, can sue to the court.  
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