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Secondhand the room sells impose a tax rich of phase of local government market
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To check estate seize a chance to seek private gain, close period of time, and other places of Hangzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao, secondhand to selling room earning begins to impose the individual income tax of 20% strictly. Area of Beijing rising sun also will publish a regulation on June 1, secondhand the ability after the room has pay taxes only deals with formalities of change the name of owner in a register. But recently, section of tax of land of area of rising sun of Hangzhou, Nanjing, Beijing cancelled this kind of practice however. Current, only Qingdao still is standing fast.   

Estate revenue drafts the course of rich play chess of the local government in the canal and market, report gives law to carry out the helpless one side in the process. Actually, the Dou Youming such as value added tax of the business tax that the tax law of our country transfers housing to need pay to the individual, individual income tax, land sets truly. And, tax law regards standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress as the legislation that enact, any one class governments are changed without influence and disobey, besides the government sector of tax law accredit, other department cannot do sth without authorization adjusts tax rate and derate duty. But, in secondhand the revenue that housing transfers asks for a canal to go up, what we see is a kind of such phenomena however: When the seize a chance to seek private gain that hits estate market when need, strengthen taxation to ask for a canal; When the market when reaction is too intense, abandon law again, compromise to the market.   

Legal dignity nots allow to encroach, governmental credence also must be safeguarded. The government carries out to law when close Shi Song, the since blow to the citizen of reliant government and abide by the law behavior, also be right break the law and of behavior of antagonism government policy covert encourage. And once the credit of local government is damaged, the policy that comes on stage not only is fulfilled hard, cause the follow the lead of of each district very likely still, form crisis of accredit of large-scale local government even. Such, the optional sex of local government policy, make the government should be faced not only how the problem of market of adjusting control estate, should consider the issue of the credit that how executes the law to be damaged with repair government gravely more.   

In eye antecedent condition falls, the individual income tax that house property transfers must be collected stoutly, only such ability break off the fluky psychology of adventurer, weigh blow in order to sink to the person that fry a room. But, the government also was not necessary individual income tax collect and connection of property right change the name of owner in a register rises. If such link up with, it is above all do not have at the law according to, because cannot change the name of owner in a register is the right that violated the person that buy a house actually, and the obligation that the person that buy a house pays tax without supervisory bargainor. Next, although this kind of link up with can assure the pay of taxation, but make the bargainor goes to taxation marry again easily also buyer, meet those who drive house price rise instead. The 3rd, it is not difficult that the government receives monitoring to the photograph custom duty of estate, because the buying and selling of estate needs to register, want a government to implement law strictly only, this part revenue can collect completely.   
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