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3 price buy contract of triplet of a house Fang Shen defends contract of yin and
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The building trades " art of yin and yang "  

Indication buyers and sellers of a contract clinchs a deal truely the price; Contract of price of empty tall house gives bank, mortgage loan in order to apply for more; Fill contract of small house price to give estate trades central change the name of owner in a register, so that pay tax less.  

It is before report from our correspondent a few years inside course of study " popular " after that by public proclamation illicit " contract of yin and yang " , still be in now " underground " somewhat movement- - same ancestor house property trades, sign triplet to clinch a deal however the contract with different price, and triplet contract still has each " magical function " .  
[case is answered put]  

One flatlet has 3 prices  

Recently, bell gentleman is in sea bead area took a fancy to secondhand room, below the operation of building intermediary, he and 400 thousand yuan when sell a basis negotiate price signed business contract. But, when signing a contract, intermediary still planned two contracts more. Intermediary explains to its, because bell gentleman is the means that mortgages with the bank,buy a house, to can borrow money more, can sign to clinch a deal the price is contract of 440 thousand yuan of business, apply for loan all right with Yu Xiangyin; Additionally one can be used register when put on record and paying tax, use, clinch a deal the price can write little place, 360 thousand yuan OK, such with respect to can little nodical tax.  

[authority is unscrambled]  

The clue may be imprisoned badly  

The personage inside course of study points out, sign " contract of yin and yang " the interest that undertakes the behavior of evade taxes damages a country not only, often also can bring to party " go for wool and come home shorn " evil consequence.  

Introduce according to legal group public figure, because be put in the contract of different version, the credential that buyers and sellers trades also lacks uniqueness, produce issue easily. From sell the home to look, after rights and interests of existence general building makes over the likelihood to buy the home, buy the home to serve as with the contract with low price trade credential, reject the risk that by beforehand consultative house price pays a room the money, thereby incur pecuniary loss. And from buy the home to tell, although traded this to pay fee of a few duty less, but when if this building wants,doing business again, satisfying the requirement that avoids land value added tax to fall, because trade in estate,the center is registered those who put on record purchase value under clinch a deal actually valence, the appreciation specified number that reason regards plan duty as the basis is larger than forehead of real rise in value, such calculating come down, do not have actually " province " how many money, still can become even " the abacus that made lose money in business " . The Zhang Qijun's lawyer of office of attorney of Guangdong power dagger points out, price of house of make a false report produces evade taxes or " super- borrow " behavior, the clue is serious, can cause crime.  
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