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Macroscopical policy makes the state pressure fry Fang Xinzheng to fall how buyi
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From last year second half of the year rises, the house property policy that the country publishs is increasing. The Central Bank adjusted loan interest, carried to the person buy a house that enjoying favourable policy wake; Raise interest rate to what will come on stage again March this year, increase head pay when proportional policy comes on stage, the person that the person that buy a house and plan buy a house feels the pressure that buys a house apparently; And 7 ministries and commissions will publish policy jointly May, blow fries price of room, stable house, just let a person understand governmental fine suffers from the intention eventually. "Forbidden make over period room " , " the expropriation that two years the house property of less than trades business tax " the behavior that waits for a clause to fry a room to price of drive up house, spec undertakes be hittinged directly pressing; And " applicable room, cheap hires safeguard economy the room is supplied " , " in assuring effectively low price, medium small model housing " wait for a regulation to let common people eat again " sth capable of comforting sb " .  

Original, policy basically hits price of spec, stable house, ordinary common people buys a room to live oneself, the country still is encouraged and support. Secondhand room market more and more fire, face the new policy of house property market, what can be affected? In greatly the personage thinks related constant radical: Of policy of 7 ministries and commissions come on stage, give secondhand the influence with room market certain generation. According to statistic: After policy comes on stage, secondhand buyers and sellers has the house each expression, buyer concern is after June 1, need assumes the business tax of 5.5% , the house that brings about oneself devalues. Come on stage from policy up to now, big constant base is occupied in show, day of the room source volume that register is added 20% ; The bargainor fears house price can fall, now Mai Huigui, bring about most plan to buy secondhand room person manages money wait-and-see.  

Impact of policy of 7 ministries and commissions is the biggest is sign recently secondhand the crowd of room contract, buy, sell both sides anxious, hope loan comes down rapidly, deal with change the name of owner in a register rapidly, strive for before June 1 change the name of owner in a register ends. Occupy statistical data to show: Come on stage from policy up to now, day of volume of conduction change the name of owner in a register is added nearly 3 into. "But of level sex, passed to will be stabilized on June 1 come down. " in greatly Wu Haibing of manager of department of constant radical layout expresses. Additional, the personage inside course of study thinks, of policy of 7 ministries and commissions come on stage, be opposite at present Beijing is secondhand room market impact won't be very big, but from long-term will see a sense far-reaching, made sure Beijing is secondhand effectively room market health, steady progress. In occupying greatly constant radical market considers to show: What clinch a deal this year is secondhand in the room, house property evidence is obtained after June 1, 2003 and appear on the market trading scale is had only 9.2% , so, from short-term look, get policy percussive is secondhand room gross is finite, won't produce too big effect to the market. So it is after June 1, how is buying and selling secondhand Where is room? In greatly the integrated element that the expert combines the aspect such as policy, market related constant radical, to buy, sell both sides to put forward to suggested at 3 o'clock below, offer deal secondhand the reference when the room:  
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