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Room of individual carry out can be denied avoid business tax expert suggests no
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Our newspaper message, beijing enjoys favourable policy the announcement of common housing standard is announced afternoon at eve. Announcement regulation, beijing enjoys favourable policy common housing standard should satisfy at the same time the following 3 conditions: Ratio of volume of residential village building is contained in 1.0() above; Sheet covers floor area to be contained in 140() square metre is the following; Clinch a deal actually valence under trade on average with the housing on level land the price 1.2 times the following.   

Country 7 ministries and commissions " new politics " regulation, since June 1, the individual trades the housing pass on that buys inadequacy two years, the sum of income of carry out room that obtains by its when the sale imposes business tax, press the 5% levy of house price and total of the fee outside all house price namely.  

The reader calls our newspaper to say yesterday, after June 1, although buy the individual that the room has not gone to two years,common housing sells, also can avoid legally duty. Specific for, OK and have business through contract or notarial form, but do not trade to estate first the center is dealt with trade register, treat house property property full after two years, deal with formalities of change the name of owner in a register again, spend only a few notarial cost, can avoid pay house property to trade the business tax of 5% and duty of relevant city construction reach the price educational surtax.  

A lot of expert and owner of proposal of industry public figure and the customer that have the intention that buy a house, the responsibility is here decision-making go up not to want certainly " corrupt Xiaoli breaks a major programme of lasting importance " .

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