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Secondhand the room trades prevent cheat " secret Ji "
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The small family in nowadays secondhand the room is in a lot of city sell like hot cakes, and secondhand one when the room trades to also become customer complains heat. The personage inside course of study and relevant lawyer remind people, should notice secondhand the room trades a few mediumer the beguiling method of illegal intermediary.  

Legerdemain one: "Intermediary not faze " do cover to cover take news. The reporter chose a few mark to have on the website of a famous house that rent " intermediary not faze " " intermediary is avoided talk " the individual Fangyuan information of model of written characters, call undertake advisory, discovering an in part however is building intermediary, and basically be with collection cost seeing a room or information cost are given priority to.  

Occupy the personage inside course of study to tell, these are alleged beg hire a person, beg buying a person is so called actually " room bug " . They are hit " avoid medium " cover, when the person that can wait for a building to rent makes a telephone call, they undertake to the person however detailed " interrogate " , come down the record such as area of location of full name of the other side, room, building, phone, subsequently these information became the room source of intermediary, by paid carry supply to beg hire, beg buy a person. Whether to contact as to buyers and sellers, clinch a deal to have nothing to do with them.  

Legerdemain 2: Hand in the key not to make property right. The key that the very much person that buy a house thinks he takes a building is entered, the house is his. Actually, in the building before formal change the name of owner in a register, property right is attributive still former owner, and existence cannot be finished hand in easy possibility. If money of will whole before change the name of owner in a register house pays owner, buyer is immersed in likely " money room two sky " condition. A lot of illegal intermediary trade to facilitate, avoid talking to the risk that appears possibly, wait for money of house of the person that buy a house to already paid, house property however cannot change the name of owner in a register, again shirk responsibility.  

Legerdemain 3: Ill will is colluded with earn price difference of high specified number. Magnify father has a building to think up carry out, entrust be commissioned to sell sth of a small intermediary around before New Year. The door of old partner close sunrise that magnify as form of a address for an official or rich man buys food, be informed by intermediary company someone sees a room, so called customer comes then anyway pulls aunt to want to buy a room to sign a contract, the aunt that is moved by the other side signed a contract, price is 130 thousand yuan surely, buyer made 4000 yuan of deposit first according to the agreement. Can come home to discuss, the family member says same house can sell 150 thousand yuan. Magnify woman wants to cancel a contract, but intermediary rejects to let buyers and sellers meet, if break a contact wants to press pair of times compensation that penalty due to breach of contract indicates on the contract,say. Intermediary of a few house property passes low so namely " eat " the housing that takes a client, sell the costly skill that fry a room to get sudden huge profits at high price again.
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