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House property intermediary is oral and affirmatory not credulous want scrutiny
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Recently, the citizen is mirrorred to our newspaper, company of intermediary of the experience when its buy a house through company of some estate intermediary is con, our newspaper reporter undertook tracking interviewing to this matter. Relevant personage expresses, this case " one case get together 4 focuses " , have very good caution effect to broad citizen.   

Case is answered put   

The newspaper expects person king young lady says, april the last ten-day of a month, the property adviser Su Mou of branch of silver-colored hill of some famous intermediary company introduced to be located in to her hold the house of the road austral the letter, call owner ask a price 330 thousand yuan. And seeing a room that day, owner make a price is 300 thousand yuan. Because this house is older, daylighting condition is bad also, miss Wang feels house price is exorbitant, su Mou says can help later bargain reachs 280 thousand yuan, if enter this room,say, can offer read hold the opportunity that believes elementary school and middle school, in addition OK still rent this house relet to go out with 339 yuan month. Miss Wang ate a heart.   

On April 23, su Mou wants Miss Wang to hand in 5000 yuan " sincerity gold " , if be reached before May 10,express trade, regard money as deposit gives owner; If do not have,fulfil with respect to go back. Can sign when both sides " deposit pays reach should give out a power of attorney about " when, miss Wang discovers however, this property adviser does not have professional qualification card actually, below the requirement of Miss Wang, revive look for another " have card " the staff member just is signed. Show on a power of attorney, 5000 yuan when hand in are to serve as deposit, and did not allude the condition such as child enter a school. Once the bargainor agrees with this to price and each should be made an appointment with and sign commitment,set, be commissioned just need not inform it is OK to buy the home give a selling party deposit pass on, and buyer should be before May 10 complemental 10 thousand yuan, exceed the time limit calculates beak a contract; If come to an agreement and depositary did not obtain acceptance to want to return deposit before May 10.   

On May 10, miss Wang is informed a condition to return from Su Na not negotiate, till price of negotiate of 12 days of ability. Because understand Su Mou,the condition of affirmatory enter a school and relet respect comes true unlikely, miss Wang wants to abandon this trading. And a director that Su Mou is in a branch says already at 10 days forward Wang Fa gives an announcement, be him king break a contact, say to want to report headquarters to make a decision again again after. Miss Wang thinks, the commitment that this company property makes to its before advisory Su Mou attributes beguiling action, want to get back deposit at present, cancel this to trade.   

Case analyses focal 1  

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