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Some low-rent housing budget gap around the turn of public rental provinces
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Low-cost housing construction in 2010 within the central planning of investment funds has been allocated, the results from the distribution point of view, the Central Provinces between capital investment is very large low-cost housing, more than any previous year.

A source close to the Ministry of Housing and Urban experts said, because provincial matching funds, land supply and the central government investment in 2010 is expected to fund low-rent housing is different from the gap led to a huge subsidy funds received.

In 2010, construction of housing support structure of the provinces will show differences: the large-scale construction in some provinces continue to adhere to low-cost housing, some provinces will shift to the new public rental housing rental housing based models.

Top 2.2 billion

Before the Ching Ming Festival holiday, the Office of Housing and Urban Hunan Province to the whole system, a message informed: According to the Ministry of National Development and Reform Commission and the building housing the center of the room announced in 2010 low-cost investment plan results in the allocation of funds, access to the central budget for investment in Hunan 18.9 billion, ranked second in the country.

The reporter was informed that the western region of Yunnan Province, preferential policies, access to about 22 billion yuan, ranking first in the country. The low-rent housing in Hunan Province reported ploidy and area ranks first in the country: low-cost housing 90,524 sets of new construction, new construction low-cost housing area of 4,441,550 square meters.

Harvest compared to Hunan, Hebei Province, the central budget to obtain low-cost housing investment funds is small, only 144.8 million yuan. Low-cost housing construction in Hunan received central budget funds 13 times in Hebei Province.

Close to the experts from the Ministry of Housing and Urban said in 2010 the central budget for investment in low-rent housing gap in the distribution of funds, mainly because the state has increased the scale of subsidies and capital standards.

2010 proposed to arrange for the protection of housing investment of 63.2 billion yuan central budget, 8.1 billion yuan higher than 2009. Meanwhile, the central budget for investment subsidies for low-rent housing standards has larger increase. The western region by 2009, 400 yuan / square meters to 500 yuan / square meter; the central region of 300 yuan / square meters to 400 yuan / square meter. Qinghai, Tibet, part of the subsidy standards in poor areas increased to 800 yuan / square meter.

March 26, the Department of Housing and Urban Policy Research Center, real estate, deputy Renqin Hong hundred entrepreneurs at the seventh summit said that in 2009 countries to increase construction of affordable housing, but also the real estate market, encouraging consumers to take a policy. This policy adjustment in 2010 for the protection of housing to increase while the real estate investment and speculative buying needs restrictions. 2010 will increase demand for housing support.

The provinces of housing security market in 2010 was not the same prediction. For example, most provinces reported plans to start low-rent housing in 2010 are 200 million square meters, and Hebei provinces reported only a low-rent housing construction projects over 360,000 square meters.

Compared to 2009, Hebei Province plans to start low-cost housing decline is also very obvious. Hebei Province, started in 2009 low-rent housing program in 7 million units, while the declaration of the central budget for investment in 2010, only 7667 sets.

Near the building housing the Ministry of experts said that in general local governments find ways to build low-rent housing starts and in the central budget for investment into them. 2010 central budget for investment in low-cost housing is to increase the platter, but because of local factors, leading to local reporting project size is not balanced, and there's a wide gap between the central subsidy.

Low-rent housing in 2010 among the central budget for investment allocation, Anhui Province, about 11 billion yuan of funds received; Jiangxi received 11.9 billion; Qinghai Province received 12.8 billion; received 1.336 billion yuan in Gansu Province; Ningxia 338 million yuan . Belong to the central province of Hubei Province and Hunan Province, but only received 7.9 billion, a difference of 1.1 billion.

Security structure to be adjusted

Near the building housing the Ministry of experts said the scale of low-cost housing construction is closely related with the central budget for investment. Not assigned to the central funds or funds obtained by the smaller central cities, large-scale construction of low-cost housing is not. Meanwhile, Beijing, Chongqing, led the city has begun a large-scale construction of public rental housing.

The experts predict that by 2010 there will be more non-tier cities began construction of public rental housing.

For example, the Urumqi City are ready to test the water in 2010 economic rental housing. Meanwhile, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou, and other second-tier cities have also announced the start of public rental housing construction.

Qin Hong said that as public rental housing construction and financing model flexibility, combined with the rent recovery is better to solve the problem, in some economically developed cities have greater and greater influence. Work in the construction of the system at the beginning of this year, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Jiang Weixin said the country began to experiment with public rental housing is a positive step, but the low-rent housing is housing security for basic, low-income families to solve the urban housing security tools. Since then, said Jiang Weixin, housing support tasks as the performance evaluation indicators have been issued to the local government.

Even if the central budget subsidies rising standards, the western region still can not afford low-rent housing matching funds. Gansu, Guizhou, Yunnan and other provinces have taken place in low-cost housing construction funds for supporting the implementation of difficult problems. Mayor Mao Xiaobing said Xining, Qinghai, western low-cost housing construction cost of up to 1,700 yuan / square meters, while the provinces of Qinghai, difficult to complete the task of matching funds. Suggested that the state will be the western Qinghai Province low-cost housing construction in poor areas into the central budget for investment subsidies in full.

Gansu, Guizhou, Henan and other provinces in 2009 to make low-cost housing "rental of both" approach. Gansu and other provinces will be 60% -70% made of low-rent housing sold to meet the security conditions of the family.

In addition, the central budget in 2010 to secure more funds in Hunan Province, in 2009, also faces low-cost housing construction funds can not be implemented, the project started the difficult problem. The central budget for investment in low-rent housing to declare the main basis for local land supply, implementation and project matching funds to arrange the construction of many local government gradually reduced the scale of low-rent housing starts, or even difficult to complete construction of the 2009-2011 low-rent housing plan tasks .

The experts said that low-cost housing construction is still much room. This product in public rental housing there, many of the city to give up low-rent housing in favor of construction of public rental housing. Need to prevent the structure of local government housing support rapid transformation of the expense of the city should guarantee a minimum income families strength.

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