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Break the law ask for the ground to tear open change to want to punishment be in
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News clew   

" law of right of matter of People's Republic of China (draft) " seeking an opinion extensively, this draft and common people relationship are very close, get person attention. So, this law, specific to common people life what influence and direct sense are there? Draft fill our country's jural what blank? Yesterday, wall bulletin reporter interviewed relevant government sector and legal group to concern a personage, they undertook analytic unscrambling to draft.
Today midday 12: 00, 14: 00, wall bulletin opens a hot line 025, 84783656, xu Hui of substation of Nanjing of office of Shanghai bright attorney's lawyer will accept what the reader concerns draft of matter right law to seek advice in wall bulletin, also welcome a reader to offer an opinion with respect to relevant content at the same time, wall bulletin will convey reader opinion the proposal through particular channel.   

Government piece   

Inn of residential serve a meal should ask for neighbour opinion   

Draft: Change of house of chief commander of course of study is meal, recreation wait business of the room, ought to agree via having all owner of interests.   

House property branch: The residence opens restaurant, public house, affecting other dweller to live is a problem all the time, this second draft tries to make clear a regulation to this, among them " all owner that has interests " ought to be the owner that gets its to affect. Whether should office also seek neighbour opinion to using the house, should see its handle official bussiness to whether be opposite all round resident life is caused mobbish, for instance the pollution such as sound, light, lampblack.   

Building no matter size registers cost same   

Draft: About the praedial charge that register, must not according to praedial area, bulk or the scale collection of price specified number, specific rate is set by the State Council.   

House property branch: Register collect fees respect, nanjing house property is registered now there is one share in collecting fees is to press an area to come of collection. With secondhand the room is exemple, trade poundage buyers and sellers each 3 yuan / M2, house property registers cost 80 yuan / set, building area mapping expends 20 yuan / card. Will collect fees henceforth become what cost actually in order to register a branch original business accounting, press set, the unit collection such as card, more or less to have nothing to do with building size, value.   

Break the law ask for the ground to tear open change crime to want to punishment be in charge of   

Draft: The country protects private property. Tear open change, collect private praedial, ought to offer compensation according to national regulation; Set without the country, ought to offer reasonable compensation, make sure person of the change that be torn open, person be expropriationed gets appropriate finds a place for. Prohibit in order to tear open change, collect the authority that waits for name to change private property illegally to belong to a relation. Break the law tear open change, collect, cause private property losing, ought to assume civil liability and administrative responsibility lawfully; Make crime, investigate criminal duty lawfully.   
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