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Total bureau of national tax Wu expresses clearly to make over secondhand room s
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"The individual is made over secondhand housing earning, should pay individual income tax, " report in the light of latter part media " secondhand the room trades will leave to ask for or stop impose a tax " message, yesterday, spokesman of news of total bureau of national tax Wu expresses clearly first, secondhand housing bourse gets pay duty is not new policy, various tax authority answer to be collected a duty and an agree duty, business tax together. Once,this means taxpayer not explain capture duty, cannot achieve the likelihood building transfer ownership.  

Secondhand the room pays tax pay of · clear   duty is not new policy  
Spokesman of tax total news is clear, a few media report of late " specific place makes over estate to plan to ask for new categories of taxes to the individual " the view is incorrect.  

According to national tax law and policy regulation, the country makes over the categories of taxes that estate levy taxes involves to include to the individual: Agree duty, business tax (add collect a city to safeguard construction duty and educational expenses to add) , value added tax of individual income tax, land, stamp duty. The policy of macroscopical adjusting control that implements this year, those who adjust basically is business tax, other revenue policy did not change.  

Since such, why since this year June, do a lot of citizens think to be opposite is the individual secondhand is housing bourse must impose a tax new policy? To this, duty total respect expresses, secondhand room bourse gets pay duty has proclaimed in writing early to set actually, the tax authority is in all the time for years collect. But because the individual is secondhand before,the room trades not active, social attention is spent not strong. Additional, the taxation policy that 3 ministries and commissions made jointly 1999 is publicized not quite, take seriously adequately what did not cause everybody; The tax authority of a few places is opposite together with of a duty collect policy to be not carried out reach the designated position, some places strengthened a taxation of duty to ask for a canal this year, created the illusion that does not ask for before to people instead.  

Secondhand the room pays tax · collects   revenue of 3 kinds of housing has discriminative  

Yesterday, the sells to the individual how housing earning imposes a tax regulation that duty always reiterated to the 3 ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of finance came on stage on December 2, 1999, particular branch is planted circumstance levy.  

It is the individual sells except public housing beyond other have housing oneself, its answer specified amount of pay taxes income is worth formerly according to the property of deduction of income specified amount that transfers property and the remaining sum pay after reasonable charge the individual income tax of 20% , reasonable charge points to what when selling a property, pay to concern charge.  
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