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Commodity house should not bring into a dweller to consume price index statistic
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This year first quarter our country 35 big in index of commodity house sale price rises compared to the same period 10.5% , and as big as 36 of this photograph correspondence in CPI of index of townsman consumption price rises only compared to the same period 1.9% , 4, the index of dweller consumption price that month will rise respectively only compared to the same period May 1.4% with 1.2% . Zheng Jingping of spokesman of news of national statistic bureau is in 22 days " Chinese negotiable securities signs up for " on write civil analysis among them reason.   

Zheng Jingping says in the article, face this group of afore-mentioned data, a few macroscopical economy analyse a personage to put forward, of CPI of index of dweller consumption price rise extent was underestimated, main reason is the statistical limits that did not bring into index of commodity house sale price the dweller to consume price index CPI. Whether should bring into index of commodity house sale price the dweller to consume the statistical limits of price index CPI? The issue closes main to macroscopical economy index- - inflationary judgement, be necessary to form consensus through discussing.   

Living consumption is the main component that the dweller consumes, as report dweller consumable price changes the dweller of the circumstance consumes price index CPI to should include living consumption without doubt. In fact, when at present national statistic bureau weaves according to international convention the dweller consumes price index CPI, had considered living consumption of the dweller really. Just not be the statistical limits that brings into index of commodity house sale price the dweller to consume price index CPI directly, the chummage that uses dweller housing however, water, report, fuel, buy interest rate of commodity house loan, housing to safeguard repair the charge, fluctuant case that builds room and the price that decorate material to wait to change the case will reflect price of dweller living consumption secondhand. Afore-mentioned methods are be used generally by each country place, a kind of more reasonable method.   

Above all, the living consumption price that consumed price index CPI to had considered a dweller according to the dweller that afore-mentioned methods weave is fluctuant circumstance. And, in the economic system that compares idea of perfect, consumption to also compare reason in market economy, interest rate of loan of house of chummage, commodity, housing is safeguarded repair charge, build a room to reach those who decorate material equivalence standard is fluctuant, especially of chummage fluctuant, can reflect the condition with fluctuant price of dweller living consumption.   

Next, the statistical limits that does not bring into commodity house sale price the dweller to consume price index CPI directly is reasonable. Its are main reason, it is commodity house has apparent investment sex. It is the somebody of National People's Congress that sell and buys to be in; Buys to rent person also there are plenty of such people. These two kinds of circumstances are apparent production manages action, the commodity house that should buy its apparently regards as investment is tasted, is not consumable. And, two kinds of afore-mentioned behavior can be etiquette model, also can be little scope, be level sex even sometimes, namely this one period uses the room at renting, and additional period of time became his again have housing oneself. This makes when actual count, consume its very hard function and investment function to distinguish come. The 2 depreciation fixed number of years that are the residence are extremely long, some can amount to hundreds years, and the time of the instalment that buy a house is very long also, can be a few years. This wants to grow more than the depreciation fixed number of year of general durable consumer goods and instalment fixed number of year. 3 it is commodity house in a sense also be capital of a kind of finance. This already can from theoretic find a basis, if be in " financial investment learns " in, estate, including the house is significant financial investment is tasted; OK also from actual in get confirm, it is inducted by a lot of financial investment orgnaizations in its investment combination. This also is the characteristic that the place of durable consumer goods such as the car does not have. As a result of afore-mentioned features of commodity house, the economist of world each country and course of business accounting expert study repeatedly and carry out ability to label residential investment investment, is not consumption.
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