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Shanghai rents a house: Kong Ying of Mu of badger of of bore with a reamer of b
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The article basically is the shot shacks external if why personnel hires a room offer a few proposals to consult in Shanghai, biasedding place asks authority point out mistakes so that they can be corrected.

One, the pay that measures yourself first buys those who think of you to hire room plan again: It is oneself the individual has lived or close with others hire be to one's profit. Although,a person lives quiet and footloose, but the purse that Chang is like you does not allow, persuade you or look for others and you a few more actually to close hire.
2, if you are without main threads of an affair temporarily, can ask the fellow worker of the unit. They had experienced same buy employment level normally, want you to ask for advice wholeheartedly only, they are met very tell you what to there is near the unit readily good cheap house is rental.
3, with landlord investigate one time with all possible means first before meet and discuss, the house environment that sees you will be hired how? Is the landlord with your connect what kind of person after all also? Is he the host of this house really, secondhand still landlord? This can be resided to adjacent people inquiry, if there is an old person in neighbour home better. They are met seventeen generation pours a landlord ancestor come out. Want your outfit to get lovely dot to resemble a good child only, won't eat a thick soup that close the door normally.
4, meet formally with landlord you are intimate already tell the other, do not fear ask a price of his all over the sky. At this moment the skill that you can develop Jew well, must not softhearted.
5, , with house price impact very big factor has a lot of, want to see the new old rate of a sector of an area that you ask and area and village, decorate the configuration of level and furniture establishment.
6, first consideration is quiet the word with traffic, the proposal is static bring a district, yu Yaolu, the sea defends a way, the road austral Wu Ning, prosperous makes the same score a road, a sector of an area such as Kang Dinglu, one belt has vintage house namely over there, also have build a village.
7, look for intermediary to be able to get comparative much information, can see a room very quickly, make an appointment of what need not oneself worry about. Intermediary cost is theoretic it is a month 35% what hire, can of argy-bargy.

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