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3 action teach you to deal with hire to rise
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April, shanghai rents price index integratedly to rise compared to the same period 8.97% , among them index of the average price that rent compared to the same period amplitude is amounted to 11.5% . Hire continues to go up considerably raise, common how does the person that rent a house choose a room, rent a house? 3 action teach you to deal with hire to rise.
Escape heat area, choice radiate area rents a house. When the busy season that rent comes, hire always is around move area of a few big heat rises stage by stage, if Xu Hui He Jingan is white-collar and classics trade public figure,collect an area, central area
The large community with region perfect form a complete set. The hire of radiation area often rises rate is rapidder, range is bigger. Common the person that rent chooses the room source inside these area radiation limits to be stabilized relatively, these area hire want low 500-800 than core area yuan / month, can enjoy the perfect form a complete set that encircles to business.
Recommend area to have area of radiate of business affairs area -- Tian Lin, healthy board piece, at present one room 1600-2500 yuan / month, two rooms 2300-3500 yuan / month.
Room source is adequate beyond link line, safeguard of subway along the line goes out travel is smooth. Hire of area of the center on Shanghai is opposite taller. Under photograph comparing, the source of remote region house such as outer shroud and treasure mountain, Song Jiang is more adequate, hire goes up inferior. Be like the subway 5 lines are silver-colored the circumjacent room source of bridge of road, Zhuan. At present hire price one room 1300-1800 yuan / month, two rooms 1600-2300 yuan / month, 3 rooms 2500 yuan / lunar above. The subway the smooth change of a line assured 5 lines and subway to go out of travel convenient. Same, the subway a 9 lines along the line, line in all rich new residential quarter with hire of boreal a section of a highway relatively central area is cheap 30% , 50% .
The choice closes hire, long hire can save expenditure. In source of the room that rent relatively in short supply period chooses to close hiring is a kind of expedient plan, the undergraduate that is about to graduate especially, live independently from opening school, renting a house is the largest expenses that they are faced with, close with the classmate hire can managing very much capital. In the meantime, the choice is long hire also can win corresponding hire privilege, the stability that and can assure lives.

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