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3 action teach your safety to close hire recognize " landlord " it is essential
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July is the student has a holiday tide, the market that rent is unusually active also. Show according to statistical data, the hire that will rent the market June this year clinchs a deal all price rises considerably. Hire is rising bring about close hire phenomenal growth. Add up to the demand that hire and structure opposite more complex, the odds that be deceived also increases.

Face such as to pretend to be the legerdemain such as landlord, sublessor, it is OK to have 3 courts safety closes hire.

Above all, affirming house-owner identity authenticity is essential, examine its Id and original of house property card, if be a relative,acting owner rents, still need to issue procuratorial identification and owner a power of attorney. If time is abundant, still want Xiang Jilin house, house appoint meeting, property asks affirm, sign formal building to rent a contract with house-owner again without doubtful point hind; If be,close with stranger hire, also need to confirm the identity of the other side. And hire also had better not pay be restricted more for a long time, pay for season commonly.

Next, be aimed at " sublessor " , the person that rent a house needs what its and house-owner sign to consult the contract that rent and the lease that agree among them, ask to see house-owner. If the other side with all sorts of reason prevaricate, need vigilance; If the other side says house-owner does not agree the house separately relet or close with the person hire, also need to once be informed brings risk,consider house-owner.

The 3rd, close through broker company lease house property, besides company of clear and normal broker won't collection sees room cost, information cost, be in only outside reaching service of broker of the collection when handing in type of emend of easy, autograph to rent a contract to expend these to rent common sense basically, add up to the apportion that the expense such as cost also should serve between the person that hire to reach consensus, write a contract when necessary, lest after the event creates issue, hire the life to bring discomfort to close.

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