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Do not do room of relet of the hand that make a room to lay issue easily
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The shop of Zhang Mou trader of an edge market its under one's name rents Li Mou, both sides signed a written contract that rent. The contract agrees lease is 5 years, hire pays one year, among them the first month is decorate period, decorate period inside avoid collect rent.

After the contract is signed, the this house property key on Zhang Mou horse gave directly Li Mou, both sides did not deal with written building to hand over formalities. After Li Mou takes the key, searched to decorate a company to enter the arena immediately decorate this house property.


Face the Li Mou of contradict oneself, zhang Mou was told the court under gas. After forensic put on record, inform Li Mou should appeal to, but Li Mou did not arrive front courtyard, the court is forced to undertake absent is tried.

The court is in cognizance process, enquire when Zhang Mou delivers to house property Li Mou use, whether to have evidential proof. Zhang Mou gave house property key after signing a contract Li Mou, can not deal with written consign formalities at that time. In other words, li Mou's evidence did not deliver to house property as scheduled on Zhang Mou hand.

Cannot providing significant evidence because of Zhang Mou, the proof already agreed by the contract hack house property delivers to Li Mou, quote of Zhang Mou of accuser of forensic terminal decision cannot, rejected Zhang Mou's lawsuit to request.

As a result of at that time the neglect when consign house property, if wish to take hire,Zhang Mou fails, return so that bear the consequence that lose a lawsuit.

Comment on: Shenyu sharp edge (lawyer)

The building that this case is a model rents contract dispute, lessor is not pressed because of tenant pay rent about and to lodge a complaint.

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