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Teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution lease a building
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1, a few want to run more as far as possible when renting a house, do more quite, actor is chosen actor, add up to moderate to choose what suit his most, notice at the same time all around the environment is wholesome etc.
2, when renting a house, not be eager to paying subscription or rent, best the decision that from positive and negative two respects consider him. Of course, the individual is in on the side give advice meeting is better.
3, the contract that rent a house wants fine. Wait like administration fee of public security cost, property should make clear in the contract who to put in 's charge to hand in.
4, for argy-bargy, the person that rent a house wants as far as possible hire period say a few longlier, but one-time the rent that pay still has been jumped over lesser as far as possible.

How to lease appropriate building

(one) before renting a house, the situation that knows place more and the market condition that rent. Be like roughly the price that rent a house, where is hack heat position, the surroundings of the seat that oneself want to rent a house how, the price that circumference carries how, have establishment of what public traffic.
(2) the demand situation that analyses oneself. It is the position the most important or the value is the most fundamental, if seek the room that is less than him satisfaction, can consider traffic to facilitate but the position is relative further house.
(3) the room seeks in his newer environment, had better pass intermediary orgnaization. Because intermediary orgnaization can offer the very complete contract that rent, be helpful for protecting your legitimate rights and interests, but when choosing intermediary company, the reliability that also asks you to know intermediary company beforehand and credit are spent, below the circumstance that gathered intermediary company pertinent information with all possible means, choose or two reliable, after oneself are contacted personally, decide to whether can be entrusted again.

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