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The scarcely that rent a house wants credulous street limit " small advertisemen
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[Abstract] put in a lot of fraudulent action in the process that rent a house, beg hire a person must not credulous " small advertisement " , and should choose orgnaization of normal large house intermediary.

Go in Beijing street, can see the building is rental everywhere or beg those who lease a building " small advertisement " . Orgnaization of Beijing building intermediary " I love my home " vice-president Hu Jinghui is special tell the person that rent a house: A lot of fraudulent action exist in the process that rent a house, beg hire a person must not credulous " small advertisement " , and should choose orgnaization of normal large house intermediary.

Consumer Di Mou from Beijing company of some estate broker hired a house to live, the agreement in the contract: Consumer makes 2400 yuan of deposit beforehand, every months of chummage 1200 yuan, the month pays, lease a year. Beak a contract of estate broker company is like during renting, reimburse customer two months hire, be like consumer break a contact, criterion cash pledge is not retreated. After 4 months, estate broker company puts forward suddenly to remove contract, consumer asks estate broker company assumes obligation to recoup a loss by contract agreement, but be rejected by estate broker company.

One, false advertisement trap. Ad of false room source is being carried on handbill of newspaper, street or certain website is the fraudulent action with illegal the commonnest intermediary. Expressional form the building of it may not be a bad idea of good to a few a sector of an area introduce on advertisement, condition, its rent is very low however, achieve the goal that uses these nonexistent buildings to draw the person that rent a house. Once the person that rent a house believes, express to be willing to be hired, illegal intermediary can say published building had been hired to go out, recommend a requirement then the building with second tall hire, diddle hires the cost seeing a room of room person, information cost to wait.

Answer program: Know market price pattern through a variety of means, enhance the immune power of pair of false quote. It is the building that consults land room is in charge of a branch to release rent directive price. 2 it is to consult normal intermediary company. Its building hire is more transparent, counterjumper and agent had sufferred major to groom, can the hire of building of need of the person that well and truly appraise cipher out rents a house. 3 be to the person ask for advice that has the experience that rent a house, know the building hire value of the district that they are familiar with thereby.

2, collect fees in disorder trap. Collect fees in disorder the problem is illegal intermediary all the time " patent " , collect fees ground is quite much, if see room cost, information cost, advisory cost,wait. When the person that rent a house entrusts illegal intermediary to search a house, the staff member of illegal intermediary can claim to have appropriate house immediately, but must want to be given in first little criterion hundreds of yuan many what get on 1000 yuan is alleged " cash pledge " , reason is after preventing lodger and landlord to meet " bypass " intermediary. Once demand the requirement that hire a person,its staff member is accompanied when seeing a room, they can plead to say landlord has a thing to cannot come round normally, or belt beg hire a person to see a few houses that cannot accept at all, it is postpone again and again subsequently, anyhow deposit won't be removed.
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