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Graduate hires room whole strategy
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Sign the contract that rent a house to want to see clear detailed rules

When signing the contract that rent a house, should notice the right in the contract and compulsory explicit sex, serious money has: Cost of telephone bill of charge of electricity of administration fee, water, gas cost, phone, cable television with what means pay, every month when pay chummage, if building facilities is not factitious attaint this who is in charge of maintaining, for instance property is expended and the relevant expenses such as clean cost pays by who, building facilities occurrence issue assumes upkeep costs when natural perhaps ageing by who, how should if landlord terminates a contract ahead of schedule,compensate for etc.

Choose public house or a house owned by a citizen?

How the condition according to oneself, choose different type hire a room to have greatly exquisite. Manager of dragon of some company that rent tells a reporter, the undergraduate with economic good condition, exquisite life is comfortable, but one person hires cell form a complete set or one room the public house of one hall or commodity house, much person can close rent 2 rooms one hall or 3 rooms one hall. Environment of periphery of public house, village is quiet, should take vade mecum to taste only can enter, air conditioning, phone, television even computer, and shower implement, conduit the daily articles for daily use such as gas, furniture is off-the-peg, of course rent is not low also. Very not bounteous to economy, the house that can choose the village in the city is hired, general cell price is in 250 reach 300 yuan / month.

Comment on: Because the city is medium village environment is poorer, the undergraduate that so good to having sanitation is used to extremely no-go. But driveway ad cannot believe easily when the undergraduate rents a house, should seek normal building intermediary company. When renting a house, answer to see a room first, inspect circumjacent environment, shop, traffic convenience.

University periphery chooses room source

The reporter in interviewing discovers, bordering one batch of the university builds village or a house owned by a citizen is one of areas that the room leases to choose gladly after the undergraduate graduates. Manager of dragon of the company that rent expresses: Border the village of the university or a house owned by a citizen, room source is more adequate, room varied, have bigger choice room; Be located in urban and rural copula again, house price is cheaper, if excellent quick way takes price of cell form a complete set to be in 240 yuan / lunar left and right sides; Additional all round service of of all kinds form a complete set is perfect, hospital, bank, post-office, big sell already all established, public transportation circuitry also grow in quantity of year after year, many circuitry leads to the urban district each direction.

Comment on: To just leaving for the numerous students of university school gate, relatively familiar to circumjacent environment, the first selection of graduate of room can yet be regarded as is chosen in university periphery.
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