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The house of this appearance cannot be hired absolutely
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Buy a house really very not easy, can rent a fine house actually also very not easy. Chummage, a sector of an area, traffic, look for intermediary, see a room pile caboodle problem to get the person confused and disoriented, consider afore-mentioned issues while, must not forgetting to have such a few houses cannot be hired absolutely.

Contemporary and factitious the job, make money or attend school, must carry a well on the back from countryside, temporarily cannot buy house, notice following main points rents house please:

1. Not lust is cheap

The house under prices, surely adverse market is reached hire square condition. If the house is in geomantic on go against live person, once died outstanding or the structure has a problem to wait a moment.

2. Do not live too old old building

The house is too old, bore surely in the past complaint of too much world, long live accessible.

3. Do not live stick paper having magic figures drawn by Taoist priests to invoke or expel spirits and bring good or ill fortune, change evil spirit article (wait like lens of concave and convex lenses, the Eight Diagrams) room

Without giving thought to landlord how evadable, had better not want to go in.

4. Not adjacent patient and his family

If there is a patient inside house, or with landlord chummage, have in landlord home long disease or the person that weigh disease, had better not move, lest invites dirty gas the upper part of the body.

5. Not close temple, Catholic hall or Christ cathedral

Because shade is angry too heavy, belong to the ground of shade evil spirit, average person had better not too stand by, carry gently otherwise power is low, weigh a body of funeral of a serious illness.

6. Do not rely on graveyard field or large hospital

House curtilage had better not recumbent grave field or large hospital, had better want to have the space of 100 meters above, lest makes evil spirit energy of life.

7. Do not live dark curtilage

House curtilage too dark, enrol unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease easily; Open window house by day inside still dark curtilage, the gas that belong to shade is filled too, this world enrages insufficient ground, average person had better live less.

8. Do not live Gu curtilage

Alleged Gu curtilage, it is to point to house curtilage all around have your house only curtilage; Or in a building, have your family only; Because gas of person little secret is filled, also go against a person.

9. Do not rely on remote mountains evil water

Rent house had better not again edge of remote mountains evil water, because these places collect the Gu fetch tough spirit at the accident easily dead.

10. The building that does not travel together with trestle, overbridge

Avoid fleeting time and 5 Huang Fei arrives, misfortunes never come singly.

11. Be far from high-pressured report tower

From high-pressured report the tower had better exceed 200 meters, avoid a child to shed nosebleed, adult gets dark disease of cancer or other easily.
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