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Close hire 3 big " legerdemain " want vigilance
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The American scene that believes a lot of people had looked be the rage is comedic " lad is written down " , more a lot of youths are not acquainted to be put to inseparable friendship heart from each other to 6 heroes in drama yearning. In occupying greatly the data that constant radical provides, in the current market that rent, added up to the proportion that hire to had exceeded 20% , and another data of some investigation orgnaization shows, have 64.86% add up to the person that hire to ever had had be decieved experience. Actually, want bring two parties together to hire medium trap, should be " 10 thousand cheat do not leave its ancestor " , if can notice below a few respects, can protect you basically not to eat to have a deficit greatly.

Legerdemain 1: The person that false landlord, holiday is hired collaborate from within with forces from outside

Xiaoli discovers unitive lake extent in the small advertisement of roadside paste two bedrooms action closes hire, call to sought advice in the past then, the other side says he is not landlord, but already made deposit, wait find add up to the person that hire suitably to sign the contract that rent a house with house-owner again. Xiaoli feels hire is relatively appropriate, satisfaction also is compared after seeing a room. But landlord requirement pays hire of half an year and hire of a month to be cash pledge at least, but " copartner " say to be able to pay two months rent only at present namely 2400 yuan, pay for sb and expect to be repaid later of the others small Li Xian, fill inside half month neat. Xiaoli feels the other side also is to hire a room to again detain of chummage of a many month is worn in earnest, should do not have too big question, then era pays rent. But move into bridal chamber to do not have a few days, next discovery coming home add up to the person that hire already the person goes house is empty, him room door lock also is levered, valuable disappears without trace. So this house is weak point of the other side is hired those who come down, performed two people are pretended to be landlord, additional the good fun that two people pretend to be the person that rent a house, cheated Xiaoli hire to add up to 10900 yuan.

Catenary home real estate warns customer, face above these circumstances, affirming house-owner identity authenticity is essential, examine its Id and original of house property card, if be a relative,acting owner rents, still need to issue procuratorial identification and owner a power of attorney, affirm to formal building is signed to rent a contract with house-owner again after doing not have doubtful point; If be,close with stranger hire, also need to confirm the identity of the other side. And hire also had better not pay be restricted more for a long time, pay for season commonly. If chummage goes up under the market apparently the average level that is the same as quality building, should keep vigilant more, and do not want a covet at the moment interest.
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