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In renting " awful detail " not allow to ignore---How should chummage pay?
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Bought a room to did not become owner however; Be eager to selling a house, however compensate the madam is folded again arms; The eye looks at capture to paid chummage to arrive deadline, landlord however " evaporate " ... why can you have these nest a load on one's mind? A few days ago, be in " citizen and law " on forum, city National People's Congress warns a citizen on behalf of Bao Haibao's lawyer, the building rents 2 medium " awful detail " not allow to ignore.

Of lodger preferential buy right

Citizen king gentleman costs 1.5 million yuan, bought secondhand room, current, this house social status 3 million yuan. But, mr Wang not only fail to go in, became defendant together with person selling a house instead. Original, the house is sold room person to rent all the time. According to contract law, if landlord wants to sell a house, ought to seek the opinion of lodger beforehand, because lodger is enjoyed lawfully preferential buy right. Be informed a building to already was sold, "Did not have abode " lodger to forensic to lodge a complaint, reason is: Former landlord or landlady was not fulfilled tell obligation, mr Wang at the same time enroach on of lodger " lien " . Accordingly, contract of this building business is invalid. Result, the court supported lodger to buy a house with 1.5 million yuan. Next, mr Wang to forensic to lodge a complaint, the house price that asks according to of former landlord or landlady is current, recoup a loss.

Clew: In this law case, landlord was not fulfilled lawfully tell obligation, created invalid contract, mr Wang because this incur loss; But landlord also is not to win the home, those who await him is compensation.

The capture of chummage pays way

2003, "SARS " erupt, business extends slump in price, the citizen makes a gentleman with everyday 0.8 yuan price rented every square metre shop of a business, lease 10 years. Nowadays, hire valence to follow to be compared at that time, already not to be named on the same day with.

According to makes a gentleman follow the agreement of landlord, arrived to pay deadline, at latest must not pay 5 days behindhand, otherwise, the 6th day removes contract. When paying this year, make a gentleman how also cannot find landlord. The 6th day, landlord appeared, the requirement makes a gentleman remove as agreed upon contract. Apparent, landlord is escape in ill will " 5 days of deadline " , make a gentleman very helpless however.

Clew: Lodger cannot ignore a detail -- chummage after all how does capture pay, be " he " search " I " will take a money, or " I " search " he " go paying? If do not have an agreement, look for landlord capture actively to pay by lodger, right now, the ill will that faces landlord is evasive, lodger ought to chummage " deposit " to notarial place, etc find landlord, be in pass on by notarization again. Such, landlord again how " evaporate " , the increase that also follows lodger has nothing to do.
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