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Card of house property seeing Qing Dynasty hires house somebody to had sufferred
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Mr Chen that rents a house is become purposely a good lodger, but he did not think of to hire come house, can appear so much landlord, be just as 9 Yellow Rivers 18 turns, must go up finally court, just square the trouble.

Last year in August, mr Chen looks for intermediary, the house that settle on wells balanced one set in 3 lis, give in 700 yuan of deposit, paid 387 yuan of intermediary fee. Landlord is female, surname king. When paying rent, mr Chen treated house property disease, it is a photocopy nevertheless, the rent that he also did not miss to be handed in one year more 9000 multivariate.

Just did not live two months, bearer of an office unit, weighing the landlord that leases a building is not true landlord, he just is landlord, the house is an unit, the house property evidence that Mr Chen sees is false.

No matter landlord is false, house must lives go down. Mr Chen looks for intermediary when brother of one's mother, with this unit try every possible way to persuade sb, come to an agreement eventually. The other side agrees, intermediary makes compensation appropriately, find landlord next, call her to turn hire, gold to this unit, the thing writtened guarantee so.

Wait to understand with all possible means through police station, intermediary, make clear after that unit takes testimony of building property right in the past, discover the house was hired, lodger is woman of that king surname, she says the house is from " Wang Fei dragon " place hire come. Because of a variety of reason king flying dragon is using this room, but he does not have property right.

That unit is one landlord, "King flying dragon " it is sublessor, king surname woman is 3 landlord, muddle-headed defect enters Mr Chen this a case without any clues, became a victim.

Mr Chen is helpless be obliged to go up court, accuse king surname woman to be in when signing a building to rent a contract, put in fraudulent action, shown house property evidence is forged, with this " sham landlord " the renting contract of the autograph is invalid.

Law case was adjudged in Jiang Gan court recently. The court holds loss of Mr Chen around 8450 yuan, answer to undertake responsibility of breach of contract by the accused. Sentence king surname woman to exit Mr Chen gold and hire loss. But king surname woman has done not have a court, the court also is to make absent adjudge. Hit this lawsuit to already spent large half an year, this loss wants compensate to come back, estimation is unavoidable one time again time.

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