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Analytic: Black intermediary violates compasses operation, secondhand trade care
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The house holds the balance in what what hold among people life the position makes it always get great attention. After all, purchase a house property to mean common people to want to spend total saving almost. Such investment makes consumer must notice full details, shen Zhi careful choose intermediary. Secondhand Fang Yue will become most person settle down more the important option of buy course of study, till today, everybody to its what in trading, exist is alleged " camera bellows is operated " still not be very clear, often of muddleheaded be deceived, by a few illegal " black intermediary " got chance to be earned wantonly " ill-gotten wealth " , let common people at the same time incur the significant loss of economy and mentally, the reputation that also gives whole industry caused huge to destroy.

"Big Cheng Zhengjia " interest of Liu of vise general manager represents: Ao ㄒ coffins moth with Zi " regret  location fears Jin of ≡ of  postscript pregnant putting  of Pang of Pu shank ⑿ to choose  of lintel of firewood of Tuo of Ze of health Mu of ⑹ pilfer η to use up Lu of Ke of  of 7 secondary Ying to look fan gnaws courtyard Ju Xun Mei to receive travel П U rare!

Ready money of sum house fund controls a house

-- gravitational force is large, the loss is bigger

"Cash entire section controls a house " be " black intermediary " earning illegal income also basically is a kind of kind with the biggest gain most. Cash whole amount arrives after Zhang, the accredit that owner stems from pair of intermediary companies gives originally with respect to a very delighted room mostly intermediary. Among this formalities of basic half-baked still change the name of owner in a register, illegal intermediary is used holding the house property card in the hand is not costly resell mortgages namely change now, more dangerous is the possibility that individual and illegal intermediary has a paragraph abscond even. Once appear similar case, the loss of owner will exceedingly big. The personage inside course of study reminds, broker company should appear with intermediary form only, not be patient of " cash controls a house " business. Press national regulation, intermediary is final can collection is most the commission of 2.5% , be dinkum between two parties square.

Money of house of divert of do sth without authorization invests

-- amount is large, the risk is bigger

A lot of illegal intermediary companies make full use of building deal financing is facilitated mandatorily by oneself, the short-term investment that takes out a good deal of money to have stock, futures, fund is put in the bank to have interest even, with period the cash flow that lets these Zhang go up rises earn income of a good deal of gray. Actually, do business by the bank capital superintends run mode to already rolled out for a long time, rate spends to superintend the forehead 3 millesimals reach thousand. Come from " big Cheng Zhengjia " a statistic investigates data to show, have even more about 7 because do not wish,pay superintendency fee into consumer and abandon undertaking bank financing is superintended. The personage inside course of study reminds, your writing trades capital is in charge of superintending by bank full powers is most reliable method, although want delivery a few superintendency cost, but safety factor is a lot of higher.
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