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The town that suits 12 constellation to live most (one)
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Aries: Shenzhen

To Aries, did not compare the city in a change quickly more let them feel ease thing. And one of cities with the sharpest change- - Shenzhen, it is Aries enjoyed the game with time race.

Taurine: Kunming the city that 12 constellation live

Sedate Niu Niu people do not hope to have any fluctuant, include weather even, be like all the year round spring Kunming is again appropriate to them did not pass, the scenery is pretty, still have a few renown food. Niu Niu people still can extravagant hopes Where is what?

Gemini: The city that 12 constellation of Hong Kong live

Like the Gemini that information delivers, the life that is in Hong Kong is very satisfied certainly. Internationally metropolitan provided incomputable information, the satisfaction of the oldest rate the curiosity of Gemini.

Cancer: Suzhou the city that 12 constellation live

Taking Wu Su accent of one's native place collect lotus daughter to swing boat riverside, shan Mingshui's warm Changjiang Delta breath. Remember beautiful Suzhou, anybody is likely drunk, more what is more,the rather that tender feelings Cancer!

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