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Does standard controlling a house have specific provision?
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Estate of    Beijing city makes over administrative measure " fiftieth a specific provision: "Estate develops business pay to open to booking commodity house, ought to accord with following condition: (One) obtain construction project complete to check and accept put on record watch; (2) acquire transaction of technology of actual measurement of commodity house area; (3) the other consign condition that opens to booking contract agreement. Estate development company ought to be in the time that the person of purchase in advance of 7 written a few days ago announcements of delivery day handles consign formalities, ground to order the certificate that reachs person of purchase in advance to ought to be carried, document. When consign, estate develops the file that the money before ought to be being issued to person of purchase in advance sets the company; Of consign residence, still ought to offer residential guarantee of quality and residential operation instruction handbook to person of purchase in advance at the same time. "  

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